Comprehensive Guide to Creating a Healthy Healthcare Marketing Budget

It’s that time of the year when savvy healthcare marketing minds are thinking about budgets. Prudent fiscal management sets budgets annually, but reviews and adjusts monthly. If you’ve been faithful to that routine, you have a head start on planning and shaping your hospital or doctor marketing budget for the year ahead. But it’s not […]

Is Your Marketing Budget Too Wimpy to Be Competitive?  

There’s a famous line in the movie Jaws that you might recall. When Police Chief Brody (Roy Scheider) first comes face-to-face with the killer shark they’re hunting, he realizes: “You’re going to need a bigger boat.” It’s much like that in the real world when we hear about all the problems that doctors and hospitals […]

New Physician Office: No Marketing is a Mercedes with No Engine. What to Do Instead.

It’s outrageous to think that someone would purchase a new luxury automobile—a Mercedes or BMW, let’s say—that has no engine. All leather interior, headlamp washers, satellite stereo radio, LCD multimedia package…but without an engine, it doesn’t go anywhere. Yet we often hear from physicians who have—metaphorically speaking—done exactly that. A new doctor’s office with no […]

How Third-Party Financing Can Boost Big-Case Acceptance

It’s a curious thing. Patients who want or need cosmetic procedures are usually concerned about the cost first. Since they don’t have many ways to measure the worth of your dental skills, experience, or quality of materials, they only know to ask, “How much does this cost?” And the dichotomy is that all-important money matters are […]

How to Find Bargain Healthcare Advertising Rates

You may be able to fund your marketing plan without spending another dime, simply by slashing waste. Your healthcare marketing budget goes further with advertising media that’s hungry for your business. Medical advertising dollars can produce better results if you know where to find the media bargains and how to negotiate in an extraordinary buyer’s […]

Creating an Effective ASC Marketing Plan for Growth and Success

Once upon a time … as some stories begin…the care and feeding of a profitable ambulatory surgery center seemed blessed with a seamless, predictable and uninterrupted patient flow. At least that was the idea. Unfortunately, reality intrudes and things change. Today, there’s nothing easy or automatic. ASCs—both large and small—are challenged to constantly align capacity […]

Establish Healthcare Marketing Budgets For Hospitals, Healthcare Organizations and Private Practices

Healthcare practitioners ask us about budgeting more than any other single topic In fact, just this morning a dermatologist asked me how much money he should allocate to market his new dermatology / medi spa practice in Florida. It turns out there are three primary methodologies to establish a marketing budget.


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