Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Healthcare Success was co-founded by America’s most experienced and respected healthcare marketing expert, Stewart Gandolf. Today, our Healthcare Marketing All Stars team has grown to over 30 of the most talented and experienced people in the business.

Q. Where should I start?
A. While we offer many services, the best “first step” for most healthcare organizations or practices would be to attend one of our 2-Day Strategic Planning Meetings. Before you even attend, we’ll put you through a very thorough “examination process” (business analysis). Then, at the venue we’ll give you a “diagnosis” and “treatment recommendations” (12-Month Marketing Plan). Finally, we will provide you with mountains of “patient education” (training on proven marketing principles) within a small group setting. Everything will be based upon your unique goals, budget, strengths, competitive situation, marketplace, etc. And, your attendance includes up to 4 private consultations.

About two-thirds of attending clients want to work with us in a larger way, either to help them with various creative projects or as a true marketing ally. There’s certainly no pressure either way. For the relationship to move forward we’d have to have a sense of mutual trust and chemistry, and it of course has to make economic sense for both parties. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. The best place for you to start is to get the proper advice, planning and education at our 2-Day Strategic Planning Meeting.

Q. But what if I feel the 2-day meeting doesn’t fit my needs?   [ Top » ] 
A. As we mentioned earlier, we offer you many programs and services including on-site visits, resort consultations, virtual seminars, marketing CDs, training, professional referral building and advertising agency services. We would be happy to talk with you to understand your needs, and then give you some no-pressure, no obligation recommendations. Call (866) 798-0369 to learn more about how we can help you.

Q. Can marketing really be done ethically?   [ Top » ]
A. The answer is a resounding yes. In fact, marketing can actually build your reputation while increasing your bottom line. We’ll show you how. For more information on this topic, read our free article Ethical Healthcare Marketing Systems – A whole new way to “work smarter, not harder.”

Q. Isn’t marketing risky?    [ Top » ] 
A. We recommend you read Follow the principles of evidence-based marketing to grow your profits with virtually no risk.

Q. Can marketing help my large group practice?   [ Top » ] 
A. Absolutely. We work with large practices all the time. Typically the most important issues group practices face are 1. Concern over reputation, 2. Competition, and 3. Internal politics (getting doctors to agree is often like herding cats). We are experts at helping guide you through the process, and invite you to call us.

Q. I don’t need marketing advice. I just want a brochure (or website, logo, etc.). Can you help me? [ Top » ] 
A. Emphatically yes. The Marketing All Stars within our ad agency are expert at crafting outstanding creative materials that both enhance your reputation and deliver patients.

Q. What if my questions weren’t addressed by this FAQ?   [ Top » ] 
A. Call a Marketing Strategist at (800) 656-0907, or (second best) email us.

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