Television Commercials & Video

Television Commercials & Video

3M | Clarity Smile Design
Full-Length Video

Full-Length Video

“Recovery Is Possible” (:30)

The Hernried Medical Weight Loss Center
“Animated Spot” (:30)

Maryland Vein Professionals
“Out and About” (:30)

Maryland Vein Professionals
“Beautiful Legs” (:30)

CardioVascular Health Clinic
“Peripheral Artery Disease” (:30)

Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Centers
“Urgent Care” (:30)

Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Centers
“Mammography ” (:30)

High Risk Pregnancy Center
“Heather’s Story” (:30)

Orthopedic Center of Illinois
“Orthopedic Surgery” (:30)

Dr. Hochman
“Wedding Tattoo” (Gold Winner, :60)

Maryland Pain Specialists
“Pain Management Doctors” (:30)

American College of Prosthodontists
“Why a Prosthodontist?”

Georgia Prostate Institute
Low-Cost :30 Television Spot

Create effective, compelling broadcast commercials and campaigns.

Broadcast advertising is, quite clearly, a highly effective form of marketing. This is also true of healthcare businesses’ ads on television (broadcast and cable), which are ubiquitous and increasing in number and frequency. So, healthcare commercials work. Except when they don’t.

As with any other form of marketing or advertising in any industry, some healthcare advertisers’ messages don’t reach or resonate with their target. Some ad campaigns fail. So what accounts for the difference? How do you ensure your healthcare organization is presenting a broadcast-ready brand and image that will actually succeed in attracting business?

Producing effective television ads, from beginning to end.

At Healthcare Success, our experienced, industry-leading professionals create broadcast advertising campaigns designed to get results. Our recommendations are based on experience in all aspects of communications media, including television, radio and many other forms of advertising — experience that is otherwise in short supply among medical marketing companies.

As the executive producer of your broadcast ad(s), we write the script, secure the talent, hire the studio, hire the director of photography, direct the shoot, do the editing and handle the media planning and buying. We can handle all types of broadcast ads, from 15-second radio spots to half-hour television infomercials—and just about anything else. We also create specialized video projects as part of our comprehensive strategic marketing services.

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