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How To Optimize Content For SEO To Rank Higher

Today’s trusted healthcare sites feature up-to-date, accurate information.  They also boast SEO-optimized content.  To stay ahead of your competitors in organic search results and reach the right target audience, you must regularly update your content for SEO.  In this blog, I share how to do this in five steps.  First, let’s define content optimization.  What […]

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Beyond Marketing: Understanding the Role of Healthcare PR

People often confuse marketing and public relations (PR), but they are not synonymous. They do, however, work best together.  In fact, we often include healthcare PR services in our marketing plans along with other key strategies, including branding, digital marketing, traditional advertising, internal marketing, and professional referral building. So, What Exactly Is PR? Public relations […]

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Boost Local Visibility: Top Local SEO Tips for Multilocation Healthcare Businesses

Consumers across the globe have come to rely on search engines for reliable, trustworthy, accurate, and timely healthcare information. This has significantly increased competition among providers, making SEO—particularly local SEO—a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy. Local SEO is beneficial for any size business but critical for multilocation companies. By implementing local seo for […]

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Out Most Popular Blogs

At Healthcare Success, we have been sharing marketing knowledge, tips, and tricks since our agency’s founding in 2006.  Here, you’ll find a few of our most timely and popular blogs conveniently organized by marketing topic.  Start With Some Classics Whether you’re a new marketer or a seasoned professional, take a deep dive into essential topics […]

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What is a Healthcare Writing Style Guide (& Why You Need One)

You might remember writing style guides from college. Chicago Manual of Style, Associated Press, Modern Language Association? Instead of using a generic style guide for content, today’s leading healthcare brands are creating their own, also known as content style guides. A content style guide is a companion to your brand style guide and helps writers […]

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Google’s Updated E-E-A-T: What “Experience” Means for Healthcare Content

Google has added an extra “E” to its Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines (SQEG), changing the well-known acronym from E-A-T to E-E-A-T.  The new E stands for “experience,” and here’s what this means for your business: Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust (E-E-A-T)  Google defines experience as “first-hand or life experience for the topic.” “Many types of […]

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ChatGPT AI-Generated Content Dangerous for Healthcare?

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot that can have human-like conversations, translate, and provide users with information.  It can also write good content. Like, really good.  And now that Google has openly stated, “Appropriate use of AI or automation is not against our guidelines,” it begs the question: Should we use it to produce healthcare […]

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The Levels of Content & Why Healthcare Can’t Settle for Lower Tiers

Content comes in levels or tiers, and your healthcare website requires the highest level.  Why? Writing high-quality content for healthcare that ranks high on Google and drives consumer action is hard.  What’s more, it requires the ability to make the right judgment call when faced with conflicting objectives and deep knowledge of several disciplines, including: […]

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Planning for 2023: 10 Advanced Strategies for Marketing & Advertising

Best-in-class healthcare marketers are already planning for next year. They’re researching key trends that will attract new high-intent audiences, increase engagement, drive revenue, and reinforce patient loyalty in 2023.  If you’ve been revamping the same marketing plan for a few years, now is the perfect time to reevaluate everything through the lens of market innovations […]

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Uncover Hidden Consumer Insights & SEO Opportunities with Google Trends

Google Trends is a powerful but underutilized tool that helps healthcare marketers It also allows marketers to analyze search term popularity over time, explore related keywords, and compare how search terms vary across different geographical areas. In this article, you’ll learn: What is Google Trends? Google Trends is an online search tool that analyzes the […]

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How to Optimize Your Website for Google’s Helpful Content Update

Google Search is always updating its algorithm, especially when it comes to content. As an agency, we keep track of these updates and make sure our clients’ websites comply with the latest search engine standards. On August 25 of this year, the search giant rolled out yet another update, this time dubbed the “helpful content […]

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Square - How to Promote + Distribute Content Marketing to Doctors - Article 04

Welcome to step four of our “Marketing to Doctors” blog series. This comprehensive playbook is designed to help people in virtually every sector (e.g., healthcare businesses, device and supply companies, SaaS, etc.) market their products and services directly to doctors, physicians, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals. If you haven’t read steps 1-3, I highly recommend […]

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Content Marketing for Doctors: How to Create Content They Want & Need

Welcome to part three of our “Marketing to Doctors” blog series. This series is a comprehensive playbook for healthcare businesses, device and supply companies, SaaS, or anyone who wants to market their products and services directly to doctors (physicians, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals). As mentioned, marketing to doctors can be extremely challenging, complicated, and […]

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How to measure and optimize healthcare content performance

As a leader of a healthcare organization, you’re focused on achieving your business goals.  So how does content fit in? Ideally, it should support your primary goals.  Today’s best content marketing is aligned with business goals and drives profitable action. What’s more, marketing teams can demonstrate how content contributes to business goals.  If the business […]

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how to select the right content types

A strong content marketing strategy includes a plan for picking the right assets for the job. While you might have worked hard to develop a brand message, the medium you tell that story through is just as important. But how do you know if you should create a blog post or a web page? Do […]

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healthcare content marketing strategy

When done correctly, healthcare content can build trust and turn people into lifelong supporters of your brand. At the same time, creating superior health or wellness content can be challenging. It should always be engaging, informative, technically accurate, and compliant. The difficulty only increases when you want to produce amazing content regularly and within budget.  […]

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A shopping cart

Discover five ways to build a strong hospital brand for the modern healthcare consumer and reach your target audience.

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Learn Google’s high standards for content, including how to demonstrate Google E-A-T for healthcare content.

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Computer will illustrated rocked ship taking of with the words SEO underneath

Discover 7 of the most common technical SEO issues found in healthcare websites in order of importance.

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Doctor sitting at desk with cell phone in hand

Today I am going to share some important ways that doctors, hospitals and healthcare marketers can use social media to inform the public during the COVID-19 crisis. Priority One: Use social media to convince people to comply with social distancing, and consequently help us all, “flatten the curve!” The US Surgeon General, Dr. Jerome Adams, […]

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Notebook with the words content marketing written across the paper

We are not trying to be self-congratulatory when we say: “we know a thing or two” about healthcare content marketing. We have a little history. From nearly the first day of business at Healthcare Success (in 2006), we have been producing educational healthcare content materials for our readers. And that was long before someone coined […]

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Healthcare Success Blog image

You might have the impression that "content marketing" buzzed its way into popular use a digital minute ago. In the "buzz-vocabulary" of healthcare marketing it's a timely (but not-so-new) topic. Content marketing is a natural fit for many hospitals and healthcare providers. It's a means to speak to people and provide them with useful and […]

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