Terms and Conditions for Online Seminar

I (Viewer) acknowledge that the Advanced Medical Marketing Strategies online seminar is exclusively owned by Healthcare Success, LLC, including all component parts, e.g., videos,  quizzes, annotations, powerpoint slides, graphics, audio, etc. Viewer agrees to not reproduce content from this program in any form whatsoever.

Healthcare Success, LLC (HS) is pleased to offer this online version of its seminar, “Advanced Medical Marketing Strategies,” to licensed healthcare providers (doctors and hospitals), pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, medical associations, health plans and their direct employees. Others not included in this list  (especially including, but not limited to, advertising agencies, marketing consultants, management consultants, graphic designers, online marketers, etc) may not view this program without explicit written consent of HS.

Each registration provides a license to view for one individual. The videos within this program will be available online for a term of 90 days, with up to five viewings for each segment. Any portion viewed on any device counts as a “viewing.” After five viewings, Healthcare Success reserves the right to suspend further viewing of that segment.

Both Healthcare Success and viewer agree that liquidated damages for violation of the above terms are $250,000 per infringement.

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