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Attract New Patients & Generate More Revenue With Expert Healthcare PPC

Paid search is a go-to strategy when businesses want to attract new patients and healthcare consumers, but you’ll need an insider with specialized skill and experience to maximize your ROI in Google’s brutally competitive marketplace.

Our expert digital team provides the healthcare expertise, technical “chops,” and passion for excellence you need to win.

Play to win with state-of-the-art paid search services
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Dominate Google and Microsoft SERPS and Maximize ROI With Our Expert Healthcare PPC Agency

Whether you’re sophisticated in paid search (aka pay-per-click, PPC, search engine marketing, and SEM), need to overhaul existing campaigns, or starting from scratch, Healthcare Success can up the ante with state-of-the-art pay per click management services needed for multilocation healthcare providers, hospitals, and other organizations.

We combine proven hands-on healthcare PPC advertising services with effective artificial intelligence tactics to create high-converting pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns that align with your business goals and budget.

What Our Healthcare Clients Say
  • Our staff knows how to help patients, not how to craft digital marketing campaigns. Healthcare Success easily took the reins in a flexible and fast way while explaining their strategy and logic. The results have been fantastic, and now we’re expanding into other areas of our service.
    Dr. Steven Nathin
    President/CEO, Boston PainCare

Show up exactly when and where your customers are with leading-edge PPC services

PPC Services
Rule the top of Google search engine results pages, reach your ideal prospects when they are ready to buy, and generate high-quality inquiries and sales.
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
Build synergy across your entire consumer journey, optimize each part of the experience, lower acquisition costs, and get more visitors.
Call Tracking
Identify which digital and traditional ad campaigns, keywords, and website resources drive phone calls and leads with tangible performance data.
AI Bid Management
Boost paid search ROI and conversions with an effective hands-on PPC strategy that combines healthcare and technical expertise with artificial intelligence.
Certified Google Partner
We’re recognized by Google for demonstrating skill in developing and optimizing Google Ads that continuously meet spend requirements and revenue growth.
Analytics and 
Reporting Tools
Demystify data, get actionable insights, and make smarter, more informed decisions to improve outcomes with our easy to understand 24-hour reporting.
Rank higher, faster, with leading-edge medical PPC advertising services
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Maximize Your Revenue With Expert PPC Services from Healthcare Success

Let us take paid search off your shoulders so you can focus on what you do best—caring for the people who need you.

Our paid search experts have extensive experience in healthcare paid search as well as all aspects of healthcare digital marketing, meaning we can quickly build a high-intent audience for you.

What does that mean for you?

The Benefits of Healthcare PPC Management Services

When you partner with Healthcare Success for PPC campaigns you’ll reach a wider, high intent audience and uncover new business opportunities.

Claim your online space with optimized ad campaigns that boost your business and deliver results—fast. Our paid search experts can help you achieve:

Measurable results
We’ll measure every element of your ad campaign (cost per conversion/inquiry, impressions, clicks, etc.) to see exactly how your campaigns are performing and how it’s affecting your ROI. We’ll also help you understand performance data and identify opportunities to improve ROI and conversions.

New business opportunities
Your business relies on consistently reaching people that need your services. We’ll help you overtake your competitors, reach high intent audiences in new segments,
and increase conversions with highly targeted healthcare PPC campaigns optimized to your business objectives.

Improved brand recognition
We’ll emphasize keywords related to your products and services to help you reach a wider, more targeted audience.

Attract local audiences
We’ll focus on engaging nearby patients and consumers with highly relevant ads and targeted landing pages to increase conversions and boost sales.

Optimal investment
We’ll focus on eliminating wasteful clicks with clear, concise messaging and highly targeted campaign parameters to reach decision-making audiences who are primed to convert.

Show up exactly when and where your customers are with leading-edge
PPC services
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Maximize Your ROI and Outperform Your Competitors

Our in-house paid search experts have more than ten years of specialized experience with healthcare marketing services, meaning we can get straight to work for you.

We deliver the scalable campaigns, continual optimization, and actionable insights you need to maximize your PPC spend, reach your strategic goals and outperform your competitors. Here’s how our healthcare PPC management services work for you:

analyzing marketing reports

Everything starts with our comprehensive digital audit. We’ll review your account basics, active campaigns and campaign types, location and device targeting, ad groups, ad formats, keywords, competition, as well as previous ad performance.

Next, we’ll quickly identify what’s working, what can be improved, and what needs to be changed right away. We’ll also review your custom landing pages to ensure the message and keywords are consistent with your paid ads. Comprehensive audits should cover all the main advertising networks and platforms you’re currently using, such as:

  • Google and Microsoft Ads (paid search)
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google Display & Video 360
  • YouTube
optimizing a point of data

We’re passionate about providing expert healthcare PPC services and keeping up with the best practices, so we can out-compete everyone else. Our medical paid search experts will recommend relevant, targeted changes that align with your PPC goals to optimize your conversion rate and PPC investment.

We’ll analyze and improve your ad campaigns based on your unique business goals at the campaign and ad group level using the following tactics:

  • Keyword research
  • Target audience research
  • Geo-targeting
  • A/B and multivariate testing
    (ad copy, landing page copy, CTAs)
  • Testing bidding strategies
  • Identify and increase budget for top performing keywords, ad groups and campaigns
  • Identify and increase budget for top performing keyword campaigns

Next, we’ll implement our recommended changes to deliver strong, relevant, hyper-organized campaigns (e.g., ad groups, keywords, ads, naming conventions, etc.), that:

  • Maximize your spend
  • Remove wasteful clicks
  • Identify where your traffic is going
  • Improve your quality score
  • Increase your click-through-rate (CTR)
  • Boost your conversion rate
  • Improve your ad relevance
examining an electronic tablet
Test and Optimize

Finally, we’ll test and optimize every aspect of your healthcare PPC campaign to make sure it’s working for you.

We’ll start with variations of your ad copy using responsive search ads. Responsive ads typically have a 5-15% higher click-through rate than standard search ads because they employ both manual and machine learning tactics to identify which combinations are the most effective for your business.

Here are some of the testing parameters we’ll use to improve your overall quality score and determine if and when you
need to pivot:

  • Optimal day and time
  • Geographic location
  • Ad extensions
  • Device preference
  • Landing page experience
    (desktop and mobile)
  • Site speed
  • Target audience
  • Keywords and negative keywords
  • Click through rate
  • Ad copy
glowing point of light
Analyze, Automate, Refine, Repeat

Our paid search experts will continually monitor, audit, optimize, test, analyze, and repeat to ensure your ad spend is performing at optimal levels.

Once your campaigns are performing, we’ll continue leveraging automation and machine learning tools to further boost ROI, increase conversions, and identify which combination of ads and landing pages are performing the best.

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