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Our Pharmaceutical Marketing Agency Team Orchestrates Meaningful Connections Among Consumers, Providers and Brands

For over fifteen years, Healthcare Success has successfully connected thousands of healthcare providers with innumerable patients toward better healthcare outcomes and improved medical experience.

More recently, a number of leading pharmaceutical marketing executives joined forces to create our “pharma team.” Their mission: shape our collective experiences to bring fresh new insights, ideas, and strategies to build your brand and increase sales.

The following is a brief introduction to our full-service pharmaceutical agency‘s offerings:

Our Unique Experience With Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) Leads to Extraordinary Results

Healthcare Success’s leadership has worked closely with thousands of physicians and other healthcare providers, including virtually every medical specialty and subspecialty. Our real-world, in-person interactions and in-depth connections have taught us how HCPs really think, and what they need. Consequently, we understand how to communicate with and motivate them effectively.

Our specialized HCP Programs leverage our sweet spot: connecting providers and patients through a positive “brand” experience. To do that, we create compelling brand connections through compliance-friendly communications across multiple digital platforms to inspire action.

  • Surround Sound Multichannel Digital Marketing – Today, it’s vital to connect with your audiences beyond the sales rep, to execute measurable multichannel campaigns that provide “surround sound” of your brand story. We ensure your program leverages the channels and messages that drive maximum customer engagement. Depending upon your situation, digital media could include (but are not limited to) email, paid searchpaid social, programmatic display advertising, digital radio, retargeting, and CTV/OTT.
  • Professional Relationship Marketing Programs – Our turnkey approach to PRM can complement your sales team’s efforts to build stronger relationships with your target healthcare providers. We’ll craft content that demonstrates your commitment, adds value to practices, enhances patient care, all while keeping your brand at the center of the dialogue. We can orchestrate relevant B2B tactics to create a series of ongoing, positive contacts, including data enhancement, marketing automation, email, user behavior analysis, premium content, lead scoring, and analytics.
  • Enterprise SEO – You’ve invested in and built a beautiful corporate/brand website, and probably unbranded sites. How do you ensure your HCP and patient audiences can find you and keep coming back for relevant, credible, and refreshed content? Our leading-edge, enterprise SEO techniques will elevate your ranking on search engines and keep you there.

Marketing That Engages and Educates Today’s Empowered Patients

Or course, patients are no longer “just patients.” Instead, they and their caregivers are healthcare consumers. Our specialized patient programs include:

  • Patient Profiles – We create multi-dimensional patient profiles to assist patients in self-identifying and drive appropriate patient selection among HCPS. We compile clinical, demographic, psychosocial, and behavioral aspects together in a unique patient profile-builder with an intimate understanding of your patients.
  • Dialogue Tools – Driving better communication between provider and patient is critical to health choices and outcomes. We believe in the importance of shared decision-making. Our tools deliver more informed conversations by providing cues, context, and feedback mechanisms.
  • Clinical Trial Recruitment – With the growing investment in Research & Development, recruiting patients for clinical trials is highly competitive and challenging. Through demonstrated patient acquisition programs, we can help your clinical trial stay on track and drive eligible patients to your study.
  • Patient Ambassador Programs – The power of positive patient advocacy cannot be diminished. Today’s informed consumer seeks to learn from others’ journeys when making healthcare decisions. We identify positive influencers and socialize patient success stories on behalf of your brand, building a connected community of patient ambassadors.
  • Social Media – Increasingly, we’ve seen both patients and healthcare providers turning to social media platforms to inform healthcare choices. We can help you build your corporate and brand presence on these platforms in a credible and compliant way. Our campaigns can promote your customer service offering, execute smart paid targeting strategies, reach influencers, drive traffic to your website, grow online forum participation, or disseminate educational content.
  • Pharma Digital Advertising and Pharma Organic/SEO Marketing – Our digital team is comprised of professional marketing specialists, with deep expertise in paid search, paid social, programmatic display advertising, CTV/OTT, reputation management, Pharmaceutical SEO, geofencing, retargeting, and more.
  • Patient Experience/Patient-Centric Care – For more than a decade, we’ve helped some of healthcare’s most renowned PX leaders “get the word out” about patient centric care. We can bring our connections and pharma marketing expertise to help you build your brand’s reputation in this vital and growing area of patient-focused healthcare.

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