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Healthcare Advertising that Wins Patients, Grows Revenues and Builds Brands

Our medical advertising agency blends art and science to deliver results.

Our medical advertising agency has one primary mission: deliver the results you need.

To succeed, we take a best-practices approach to creating and placing effective healthcare advertising. In fact, we have decades of experience using advertising to successfully attract patients to hospitals, doctors and other healthcare organizations.

Profitable television, radio, print and outdoor advertising.

Our strategists, client success managers, writers, designers, developers and production teams have created successful advertising campaigns for many years. As a result, we know which media are right for your situation, including television, radio, newspaper, magazines, billboards and more. Beyond its effectiveness from a return-on-investment perspective, you will also be proud of the advertising we create for you.

True creativity makes the phone ring.

Like most agencies, we are proud of the creative awards we have won. Yet, we are far more proud of our track record in delivering tangible results for our clients.  While most any ad agency can come up with puns or “clever” plays on words, it takes true talent, experience and a proven methodology to compel people to take action. In fact, that’s the most rewarding and exciting part of our job.

Successful media planning and buying.

Where should your ads run? When? How often? Why? The wrong media choices can render even the most outstanding creative ineffective. That’s why our media buying department is so crucial to your success. With years of historical data and access to the most sophisticated analytical resources, our media department confidently presents media plans with rationale, targeted objectives, and appropriate strategies.

With experience in over 190 of the top 210 DMA markets, our media buyers understand your local media options. They are experts at planning and negotiating media based upon critical data, like market research, demographics and cost per thousand (CPM). What’s more, our direct-response approach helps them drive phone and web inquiries more efficiently than you’ll find almost anywhere. Our clients consistently benefit from our extensive due diligence, ongoing campaign monitoring, and analysis.

Your online dashboard documents your healthcare advertising results… 24 hours per day.

Unlike most healthcare advertising agencies, we don’t shy away from reporting the results of our campaigns. In fact, we insist. We use phone tracking numbers, HIPAA-compliant phone recordings and web analytics to track the effectiveness of your medical advertising. We will continually track, test and optimize your campaign to maximize your effectiveness and minimize your cost per lead.

Our medical advertising agency is here to help you.

Healthcare advertising is highly effective… when it’s done correctly. At Healthcare Success, we bring together a team of seasoned ad professionals to ensure that your brand and message are advertised appropriately and effectively.

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