Case Studies

Case Studies: Discover How We Deliver Results For Our Clients

At Healthcare Success, we partner with our clients to deliver results through data-driven marketing. Founded in 2006, we have served hundreds of healthcare clients over the years. Here are just a few of their success stories:
Texas Endovascular
Discover how a strategic partnership between Texas Endovascular and Healthcare Success harnessed the power of integrated marketing to drive market expansion, increase brand awareness, and achieve remarkable growth in target markets.
Discover how SynergenX grew from a start-up to the nation’s leading provider of testosterone replacement therapy with a robust paid search and social media strategy.
Cure MD Oncentric
Discover how Healthcare Success took CureMD’s oncology-focused sub-brand from idea to impact by crafting a comprehensive branding system that resonates with audiences and positions the brand for success.
Pomona Valley Health Centers
Discover our successful 12-year+ marketing partnership with Pomona Valley Health Centers.
Illinois Dermatology Institute
Check out the marketing plan that helped a multilocation dermatology group create a dominant local search presence for all 17+ locations.
The Raleigh House
Long before they came to us, The Raleigh House was considering a new marketing partnership to improve performance and receive quality reporting. However, when they came on board, we inherited major website problems and a significant drop in paid search effectiveness from the previous agency. Our team quickly went to work. We solved some of […]
Focal Therapy
Explore how Focal Therapy leveraged targeted paid search and social ad campaigns to elevate online visibility, achieve a remarkable 83% increase in conversions, and slash acquisition costs by 29%.
Healthcare Navigator
Dive into the remarkable partnership between Healthcare Success and Healthcare Navigator to learn how we transformed its singular corporate brand into a diversified “house of brands” portfolio comprising of 50 microsites, earning nearly 175,000 organic site inquiries during our partnership.
Thrive Medical
Learn now Healthcare Success's strategic marketing efforts successfully revitalized Thrive Medical, driving significant patient growth and establishing a strong brand presence in each market.
Mother hugging daughter
Muir Wood
Discover how Muir Wood Adolescent & Family Services achieved a staggering 133% increase in patient admissions through organic search using SEO and content marketing solutions from Healthcare Success.
mother laughing and playing with baby
Mountain View Medical Center
Smart, focused marketing and digital advertising took this family practice from one new patient a day to over 250 new patients per month.
dad teaching child to ride bike
Boston Pain Care
Healthcare Success rapidly generates new patient opportunities for Boston PainCare through digital advertising.
elderly couple dancing
Thomson Memory Centers
Doctor referral building strategies (and a sparkly turquoise notebook) helped a single-doctor practice expand to 16 doctors in 8 locations.
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