Deadly Sin #5: Why Your External Advertising May Be Doomed

[Series Installment: How to Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins of Healthcare Marketing — Deadly Sins #5: Inadequate Training, from the Healthcare Success Educational library.] Everyone in the office needs to understand how and why new patient inquiry calls are significantly different from the routine. Without preparation and training, seven out of 10 prospective new patient […]

Healthcare Search Engine Optimization – Spiders, Crawlers and Bots

Five quick search engine optimization techniques to recognize if your healthcare website needs help with search ranking—to attract more visitors and win new patients. Here’s a quick assessment tool for your healthcare website. Internet Search Engines, like Google, decide how high your site will be listed on a mountain of search results. Sophisticated computer programs-spiders, […]

This Ain’t No Country Tune: Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone

The second in a two-part series about intelligent individuals that allow their personality or attitudes to block their potential for success. Read part one: Staff Secretly Takes Assertiveness Training. We continue with the second of our true tales from the field about doctors who step on their own marketing toes.

The What, Why and How of Healthcare Landing Pages that Actually Work

In an informal survey of healthcare and hospital Internet advertising recently, we were alarmed by what we DIDN’T find. A surprising percentage of online ads and search topics that caught our attention didn’t connect us to a subject-specific “landing page.” The result: reader interest is lost and with it, new business opportunity is down the […]

How to Avoid Doctor Advertising Mistake #15: Failing to Test

Doctors tend to be risk-aware or risk-sensitive individuals. It’s part of the sobering responsibility they assume with the care and treatment of their patients. Years of education, professional training and clinical experience develop a mindset of assessing and managing risk vs. reward. Patients and colleagues expect no less in practicing medicine. Of course executing a […]

9-Point Call-to-Action Checklist for More Engaging Healthcare Marketing Results

“Call Now,” “Click Here,” “Act Now,” or “Find Out More.” In virtually all forms of advertising, if you don’t tell people what you want them to do, they won’t do it. It’s an elementary healthcare advertising rule, without a call-to-action, a message is at least incomplete. More likely, the advertising effort is probably an ineffective waste […]

Big Mistake Number 12: Choosing the Wrong Healthcare Advertising Channel

One of the most common medical advertising mistakes that doctors and hospitals make every day—one of many that we discover all too frequently—is using the wrong advertising channels. Physicians, hospital executives and other healthcare marketing decision-makers are distracted by a hundred other daily demands on their time, and they fail to fully evaluate their media […]

Little Blue Book Blues: Doctors Think Their Website is a Failure

Although US doctors recognize that many (perhaps most) new patients are searching online for healthcare information and providers, it seems that few doctors believe their website motivates patients to call their office. The majority of medical practices in America have a website, but data from The Little Blue Book’s National Physicians Survey 2012: The Health […]

The Much-Neglected Secret to Beating Your Healthcare Competition Online

As long as everyone’s preoccupied with the big game this weekend: Remember, you don’t win football games by getting the football as far as the Red Zone. It’s crossing the goal line that makes you a winner. There’s a much-neglected technique in online advertising that you can use to push across the goal line, bring […]

4 Money-Wasting Marketing Mistakes That Doctors and Hospitals Make Everyday

Although some risk is inherent in healthcare marketing and advertising, smart planning and creative execution can minimize problems and maximize return. But while risks are manageable, money-wasting mistakes are a different animal. Over the years, we’ve encountered all kinds of mistakes; more than we have space to list here. But, if there’s a silver lining […]


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