Trump Wisdom: How Successful Doctors Play to Win

We’ve had the great good fortune and pleasure to team-up with many successful doctors, medical group practices, hospitals and others. To a person, their medical/clinical capabilities are first class, but their business acumen—in particular their marketing savvy—is a model for others. The fact is, successful doctors do things differently. They recognize that medicine is a […]

Internet Mistake #4: Your Website Ain’t No Field of Dreams

[Series Installment: The Worst Mistakes Medical Groups and Healthcare Organizations Make When Trying to Attract Patients from the Internet, Mistake Four: Believing Your Audience Will Find You on its Own; from the Healthcare Success Educational Library.] Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for a website is like the fuel for your car. A beautifully engineered and full-appointed […]

10 Strategy Ideas That Attract High-Paying Cases

Healthcare marketing is more involved than simply hiring someone to write an ad or create a brochure for you. (After all, your practice is not a simple box of detergent or a used car lot.) To be successful, you will need a well-considered marketing plan and budget, complete with ethical, appropriate and proven strategies. While […]

Marketing Moves You Can Expect from Large Medical Groups in your Area

Surprising insights gleaned from our discussions with many of the nation’s leading medical group administrators – and what you should do next as a result We gained a number of surprising insights from talking with hundreds of medical group practice administrators and CEOs at the MGMA* annual conference in Las Vegas this year. Based upon […]

Internet Marketing: The Importance of Being a First-Opinion Provider

The new Health Online 2013 survey from Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project is bound to raise eyebrows among healthcare providers and marketing executives. It boldly declares that for many people, the Internet is a “de facto second opinion—and even a first opinion” regarding serious health concerns or questions. What’s more, it underscores […]

Show Us Your Sign: Best Office Signage Wins a Seat at our Marketing Seminar

In our travels, we see a lot of “not-so-good” office signage, and we decided it was time to spotlight (and reward) the really good, hard-working external signs. Send a picture or two of your medical office or healthcare practice sign. We’ll evaluate the top contenders, and the best sign will win a free seat at […]

4 Money-Wasting Marketing Mistakes That Doctors and Hospitals Make Everyday

Although some risk is inherent in healthcare marketing and advertising, smart planning and creative execution can minimize problems and maximize return. But while risks are manageable, money-wasting mistakes are a different animal. Over the years, we’ve encountered all kinds of mistakes; more than we have space to list here. But, if there’s a silver lining […]

How Outside Marketing Help Saves Time, Money and Sleepless Nights

[Podcast Interview] It’s a widely held—but decidedly incorrect—attitude that a hospital or provider “marketing person” is a “Jack-of-all-trades,” capable of anything and everything that drops on their desk. But veteran healthcare marketing executives know from experience that the “universal man or woman” perception is often fueled by limited resources and burgeoning tasks. The real world […]

Make No Mistake: Using Your First and Best Healthcare Marketing Tool

Perhaps you can relate to the experience of a colleague of ours. His observation is a healthcare marketing and advertising lesson of opportunity lost. I frequently travel a main commercial street in our community…just one a thousands of local residents in vehicles on our way to or from the nearby post office, the drug store […]

Using Outside Hospital Marketing Help to Save Time, Money, and Sleepless Nights

In this podcast interview, Chris Nelson and Dennis Jolley of University of Utah Health Care share the reasons they think it makes a lot of sense, financial and otherwise, to use outside marketing talent. They also share 6 specific principles for hospitals and doctors to follow: 1. Demonstrate need 2. Embrace your strengths and compensate […]


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