Just Released: Video Series Unveils Hospital and Doctor Marketing Strategies

We don’t want anyone to miss this insightful “best practices” marketing resource. And, for a short time, it’s free for the asking. Presented by HSS founding partners Lonnie Hirsch and Stewart Gandolf, this new seven video series for doctors and hospital executives is titled, How to Profitably and Ethically Attract The Patients You Want.

What Doctors Fear Most About Their Own Advertising. Hint: Needy.

Some old-school ideas needlessly linger on. There’s a tired notion that sometimes whispers in the back of a physician’s brain and says: “Doctors shouldn’t advertise.” Or, more specifically, they fear: “My professional peers will think less of me. Physician advertising will hurt my relationships with referring doctors.” In fact, the reverse is often true today. […]

House Calls to Holograms: Evolution of Marketing Real Doctors Online

File this one under “doctor/physician competition.” It’s no surprise that, for most providers, the competitive landscape has shifted. But what’s unusual here is the emerging trend of online medical advice—live, immediate and direct from doctor—for a fee. This relatively new healthcare delivery channel has not only taken root, but it’s likely to continue to grow […]

Charting the Rings of Influence in Medical Practice Marketing

Picture the concentric rings on a paper target. The “bull’s-eye” center is primary, but “hits” within the other circles contribute to the total score. In medical practice marketing, it’s easy to overlook the fact that for each “ideal new patient,” there are several others around him or her. For accuracy (and marketing effectiveness) the complete […]

Doctor Marketing: Patients Are Always Judging You

It doesn’t happen as often these days, but from time to time we find ourselves in a discussion with a practitioner who confidently declares that they have no need for “doctor marketing,” much less any need for a health care advertising agency. The back-story in each conversation varies, but we often discover that their mindset […]

Why Healthcare Marketing Needs to Wakeup to Caregivers and Influencers

Healthcare marketing is in need of an overhaul, according to Advertising Age (AdAge), the respected advertising and marketing industry publication. They arrived at this conclusion after talking with 25,000 consumer/buyers of healthcare products and services. Marketing and advertising that only targets the prospective patient might miss the mark and not get the job done. As […]

Social Media Ideas Making a Breakthrough in Medical Practice Marketing

As recently as a year or so ago we probably couldn’t offer a post about the many and various ways that doctors were using social media tools in their medical practice marketing. Outside of the Innovators and Early Adopters, not much could be reported. At best it would have been a short article. But the […]

Compelling Clinical Cases Boost Reputation and Professional Referrals in Medical Practice Marketing

Here’s a real-world marketing case study about…using clinical case studies. Cindy Gall sends us this medical practice marketing success story about how the Central Texas Spine Institute (Austin) is effectively using physician-to-physician clinical case examples. Cindy writes, “I attended a Healthcare Success seminar in September of 2010. Lonnie Hirsch recommended using case studies as a […]

Yes…It is Possible for Doctor Marketing to Ignite Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Almost everyone with experience in physician marketing recognizes that word-of-mouth (WOM) advertising is (a) highly desirable, but (b) not an easy thing to inspire. After all, it’s far easier and more reliable to purchase time or space in the media and create a medical practice advertisement.

Physician Advertising: 5 Steps to Increased Revenue When the Phone Rings

Our recent post, How to Destroy Your Medical Practice Marketing New Business in One Easy Step, was a hot-button topic for many readers. So think of this article as the next installment for medical practices and physician advertisers who are losing business for the lack of good front desk phone skills. For a doctor or […]


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