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As a physician, marketing your practice may not come as second nature. It’s not what you studied in school, but in today’s competitive marketplace, physician marketing is a fact of life, even a crucial part of building your practice.

Even if you are already marketing successfully and have an in-house “marketing person,” you likely do not have access to all the resources that come with working with an external, fully staffed, full-service physician marketing agency.

The truth is, whether you market reluctantly, or you’re very good at it, to reach the next level you need to seek out professionals, who like yourself, have worked for years to develop their area of expertise.

At Healthcare Success, helping physicians market their practices is what we are about. In fact, healthcare marketing is all we do.

But why Healthcare Success? Most “advertising agencies” (even many that claim to specialize in physician advertising) often work in multiple industries and focus their energies on building a “brand.”

They also tend to put a lot of stock in being “creative” or “clever,” rather than being overly concerned with what will actually bring in new patients.

That’s what sets us apart. Don’t get us wrong, we brand clients all the time, and we like to be creative, too–when it’s appropriate.

The difference is we specialize in physician marketing that means delivering the patients you want, the ones looking for the services you specifically want to grow… and making sure those patients come back. Our focus is on your bottom-line results.

Successful physician advertising is just a small part of the picture.

As a full-service physician marketing firm, advertising is just one aspect of what we offer your practice. We look at a much bigger picture.

We’re here to provide you with a wide range of “best practices” marketing strategies that have worked for physicians and consult with you on new initiatives. Not to mention, we can actually train your staff on how to capture and keep patients once your phone starts to ring (you might be surprised, but this can be as important as creating a great ad–and most agencies just leave you on your own).

And yes, we can also help you develop a full range of physician advertising and marketing materials to promote your practice—all designed to be profitable from the start.

You may want to start with our educational programs.

This is something else that sets us apart. We offer regular educational seminars that teach you how to deal with many marketing issues on your own. You’ll learn what has worked to help thousands of physicians before you to successfully attract patients… you’ll also learn what to avoid.

Call us for customized physician marketing consulting and staff training.

When you do, you’ll find that we offer hands-on consulting and training services, working directly with you and your staff to achieve the results and practice objectives that you’re looking for.

We take a focused, ROI-based approach, following physician marketing strategies that work. Often, we suggest that new clients begin with a physician marketing plan.

Our trainers work directly with you and your staff to develop the skills and tools that will help ensure the results you want. Too often, as we alluded above, physicians create and launch a marketing program while forgetting that there is a human element needed to make it successful.

Our training programs will have your staff on board and ready to work with the influx of new patients so that your efforts are successful and profitable. This is a critical component to marketing success and part of our commitment to delivering bottom-line results, one of the qualities you want in a healthcare marketing team.

Proven advertising for traditional media and the Internet

Of course, if you’re looking for that overall branding for your practice, we have the world-class creative talent to help you, too. But expect advertising designed to actually motivate patients and give them a good reason to choose you over your competition.

In addition, when planning any physician marketing program, Internet marketing, and advertising have to be a vitally important consideration. Like your advertising, you need a website that actively attracts patients. But today that can be just part of an effective Internet marketing strategy, which often includes display ads, pay-per-click ads, or other tactics.

We have 25 years of experience in marketing for physicians.

While our experience includes Fortune 500 corporations and ad agencies like J. Walter Thompson, the reality is, when working with group practices and private practitioners, we’ve learned how to develop effective, ethical advertising and marketing campaigns at a fraction of the cost of what traditional ad agencies charge. That means your bottom line will benefit right from the start. If you’re interested in learning more about the services we offer please take a look at our page on our

If you’re interested in learning more about the services we offer please take a look at our page on our custom physician websites and referral marketing for physicians. We encourage you to take a moment to call us at 800-656-0907, or complete our convenient Contact Form.

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“Despite practicing in a hyper-competitive market, our new-patient counts are double what they were for the same time period last year. Hiring Healthcare Success was one of the best business decisions I have ever made.”
– Jonathan Calure, MD

“You guys are blowing me away with the quality, commitment and passion of your collective work!”
– Mark Kim, MD

“You’ve already helped me attract new patients that I otherwise would never have attracted to my practice and met. Long-term, I’m convinced that this strategy will help grow my business as we host future screenings in all of our offices during 2014.”
– James Robelen, MD

“Marketing is much more complex than I was aware and, if it is done correctly, requires expertise that I do not have.”
– Kevin Haney, MD

“By the end of this month, I will have seen more than 100 more patients than the same month last year, which is a huge improvement (almost an entire extra month’s worth of patients in just 2 months)!”
– Christopher Charon, MD

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“Despite practicing in a hyper-competitive market, our new-patient counts are double what they were for the same time period last year. Hiring Healthcare Success was one of the best business decisions I have ever made.”

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– Jonathan Calure, MD

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