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Strategic planning and experienced implementation can move your marketing — and your cardiology practice — to the next level.

Our nation’s healthcare delivery system and the cardiology profession have changed. At the same time, cardiology advertising and marketing have shifted from a casual “something new” to an aggressive “highly competitive.” Where once a few low-key specialists were the only game in town, it’s now common to find two or more large heart centers, heart specialists or provider groups going head-to-head in actively promoting their services.

Cardiology advertising and other heart-care marketing strategies can help you overcome your challenges.

If you’ve navigated your way to this page, it’s likely that you:

  • recognize increasing competitive pressures in your marketplace
  • are looking for additional revenue streams that make sense with your practice mix
  • are serious about maximizing the impact of your advertising message and budget, and/or
  • are ready and committed to grow the practice and move up to the next level.

To compete in heart care, you need a comprehensive cardiology marketing plan and program.

After nearly two decades of working with cardiologists, our strategists and consultants know that the cardiology practices, heart centers and healthy heart programs that achieve the greatest success do so because they planned it that way.

Nationwide, it’s the same story. The winners all have a comprehensive roadmap, and they put it to work every day. The program is no longer simple and introductory. The effective cardiology marketing effort is now sophisticated, with a lot of moving parts… and with informed patients taking active roles in their care and lifestyle choices.

Stand out from other heart-care professionals with the experienced marketing and advertising team.

Today’s heart patient has more choices, including in selecting a cardiologist. To reach and convince this audience, you need effective — and cost-effective — programs to increase practice revenue and profitability. And then you need a marketing brand, message, strategies and tactics designed to cut the clutter, grab these people’s attention and differentiate your cardiology practice from the rest of the field.

At Healthcare Success, we understand what works and what doesn’t in cardiology marketing and advertising. Our strategists, consultants and marketing development professionals know how to effectively communicate your value to your various “customers” in ways that help them appreciate — and desire — what you have to offer. These audience groups include patients, prospective (at-risk) patients, referring physicians, self-referral patients, health insurance plans, hospitals and others.

Call us if you need help.

Few professions are as competitive as cardiology. Healthcare Success can guide your planned program for growth—as we have done for others around the nation—providing ethical, creative and evidence-based marketing strategies.

To schedule a consultation or for more information about our strategic, ethical and scientific approach to marketing cardiology care strategically and ethically, call us today at 800-656-0907.

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