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Overcome today’s fierce competition and get your asthma/allergy marketing message out front and winning.

When it comes to asthma and allergy marketing and advertising, many — if not most — allergy, asthma and immunology providers face stiff competition. Much of this marketing competition comes from existing and new competitors within the specialty, but there are other sources.

Many allergy and asthma specialists experience competitive overlap from other specialties, forcing them to market themselves toe-to-toe with ENT specialists, family practice doctors and even hospitals. In truth, drug store “quick clinics” and heavily advertised over-the-counter allergy medications are also competitive forces that factor into asthma and allergy marketing.

Asthma and allergy marketing also can be made more challenging by higher costs and lower reimbursements, which affect these practices’ budgets.

Partner with allergy marketing experts to get results and achieve your goals.

At Healthcare Success, we know that these challenges are really opportunities and that marketing holds the key to overcoming your hospital or practice’s problems and achieving its unique goals. Marketing is, at its simplest, the communication of your hospital or practice’s brand, style, scope, differentiation, approach, etc. to its constituents in order to drive their response.

As highly experienced healthcare marketing experts, we take a comprehensive, individualized and strategic approach to understanding your practice, objectives, and marketplace. And we take the same approach when developing an effective allergy/asthma marketing campaign that brings you the patients you want.

Market your practice strategically for targeted, specific success.

These days, informed and empowered patients search the Internet for and find allergists and immunologists who are close to home. Depending on the particulars of your practice, its audience and its marketplace, it’s wise for your allergy and asthma marketing to target these active searchers. At the same time, once-reliable professional referral sources (now shrinking) represent a marketing challenge that is increasingly tough, with many primary care practices making fewer referrals and treating some allergy and asthma cases themselves.

Grow your practice with effective and ethical marketing.

The majority of allergy and asthma specialists who come to us want results for their practice or specialty clinic. They recognize that a well-defined marketing plan of action is the core answer to successfully meeting their growth goals in a shifting competitive landscape.

Our experienced medical marketing planning and strategies successfully build the practice that you want and deserve. You can keep (and recapture) doctor referrals and communicate a unique position for your practice that distinguishes you from the competition.

While Internet users may search online to find your allergy and asthma practice, a website is only part of your bigger marketing picture. Your success relies on establishing a long-term marketing strategy developed with your unique practice, reputation, ethics and goals in mind. Creating a solid and recognizable brand identity is a vital part of your continued success.

For the past 20 years, our strategists and consultants have worked with allergy and asthma specialists to build their practices with more of the cases they want, help them gain more referrals and differentiate themselves from the competition with marketing and advertising that gets results.

Partner with us for success. Let our marketing expertise help build your asthma, allergy and immunology practice now. Call us today at 800-656-0907 to schedule a consultation.

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