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Radiology Marketing and Advertising to Compete and Thrive.

Medical imaging and interventional radiology have evolved. The radiologists who adapt their marketing will win.

Whereas radiology was once confined to the basement of a hospital, it has evolved over many years into a medical profession very different from its origins. Of course, radiologists are well aware of the unique nature of their chosen discipline compared with other medical specialties. And they have embraced the changes in their profession as happily as they have the changes in medical imaging technology and capability, albeit in different ways and to varying degrees. The result is a highly diverse field — and one that presents very diverse marketing and advertising needs.

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Delving deep into your radiology practice to understand your unique appeal.

At Healthcare Success, we’re also well aware of how medical imaging is diverse and different and special in the field of medicine.

We know that radiology comes in a variety of forms, including multi-site physician groups, hospital-owned or independent outpatient facilities, and telemedicine operations. We know what interventional radiologists do, in what ways they’re competing for patients with other specialists, and how to differentiate them. We know that “radiology” today is more aptly described as the business of medical imaging. And we understand the specialized challenges inherent in imaging, in all types of marketplaces with a wide range of circumstances — each of them unique.

Your marketing environment will guide our plan for your success.

Over the years, our professionals have developed, created and executed effective, strategic marketing plans for full-service outpatient imaging centers, hospitals’ new “advanced imaging” facilities, MRI-only operations, ultrasound- or mammography-only enterprises, interventional radiology teams and many others. Our marketing consultants and creatives have helped to brand and launch startup imaging centers, to build or enhance physician groups’ reputations and to help stalwart organizations expand into new markets and maximize market share.

We do this by taking a strategic, scientific approach to each unique problem. We provide full-service marketing consulting, strategic plans, content marketing, branding, healthcare SEO, production, implementation and training — all based on the one-of-a-kind nature of your imaging enterprise. Using the particulars of your organization, we recommend and help execute strategies based on what we know gets results. And we further apply this scientific approach to ensure your marketing success by measuring the results of your efforts (and our strategies).

Marketing radiology ethically to enhance your reputation.

Healthcare Success’ experienced healthcare marketing professionals also understand the critical nature of reputation in medicine, and particularly in radiology. So we maintain the highest standard of ethics in marketing, communicating with your constituents (referrers, patients and the public) in a responsible manner.

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