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Oncology Marketing Strategies that Attract Patients… Ethically

Big cancer centers get all the attention. Stand out in the marketplace with a targeted brand and cancer-care message.

Simply put, marketing oncology care — and hematology services — works. Currently in-market with several cancer centers and oncology/hematology providers, we also know that what works best for implementing effective oncology marketing strategies is what works best in cancer care: experience, know-how and a scientific approach.

As the big-name providers market more actively and successfully, oncologists and practices are recognizing they need to market to compete and thrive. But they don’t have the experience or support to plan and implement effective strategies like:

  • Marketing website – response-driven and search-optimized
  • Branded, full capabilities brochure
  • PPC (pay-per-click) online advertising / Google Adwords
  • Radio advertising
  • TV advertising
  • Print advertising

Informed and ethical marketing and advertising strategies backed by experience.

With more than 20 years’ experience, our marketing strategists understand the specific and unique challenges of running a cancer practice. We’ve also learned thousands of lessons about what does and doesn’t work in oncology marketing. Chief among these: marketing ethically is paramount. This is central to our approach… and how we’ve been able to help oncologists, practices and cancer centers enhance their reputations, care for more patients, and achieve their goals.

Evidence-based oncology marketing individualized to your needs.

Following a scientific approach, we learn all we can about your oncology practice and its marketplace, challenges and objectives. We combine that with what we’ve learned from years of experience to develop detailed oncology marketing strategies and implement specific tactics, branding and messaging designed around your objectives. Then, we collect the data.

We track the results of our clients’ oncology marketing and advertising because it is essential. This is how we know what works and what doesn’t. It’s also the key to developing highly specific messaging to attract more patients, different patients, specific patients, etc.

To learn more about our ethical, experienced and evidence-based approach to oncology marketing and advertising, call us today at 800-656-0907.

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"There was so much I didn’t know that affects practice viability.”
– Luis C. Rodriguez, MD, South Texas Oncology & Hematology

“The potential exposure through effective marketing is no longer a perk for a group. It’s essential to stay credible in the changing healthcare market. All the tools required were laid before us.”
– Jayne Erickson, Physician Liaison, Utah Cancer Specialists

“Healthcare Success broadened my view of marketing in ways I never thought of.”
– Charles L. Maurer, President, Hematology Oncology Associates

“Eye-opening regarding issues that our practice faces.”
– Suprith Badarinath, MD, Cancer Specialists of North Florida

“This team knows what they are doing! Very professional and knowledgeable.”
– Janet L. Baker, Practice Administrator, Oncology Specialists of Charlotte

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