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Medical Spas are an elective form of care, a very different reality from other types of healthcare providers. As a result, it is less familiar and less well understood than other kinds of care. It also appeals to a particular sort of prospective client/patient, one with higher expectation of service. So medical spa marketing is different from other forms of healthcare marketing, just as the business challenges are different.

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Reach your target audience with a tailored medical spa marketing message.

Because patients pay out-of-pocket for many medical spa services, the target audience for your medical spa marketing is unique… and quite specific. In addition to the ability to pay, these people expect more, particularly in the area of customer service. Medical spas know this, and it shows. But that same specificity is needed in how you market to these prospective patients. How do you reach them? How do you communicate to them your differences? What motivates them to believe, accept, decide and act?

Get noticed and drive response with expert strategies backed by experience.

From experience, we know that your med spa’s image and message must appeal to a higher-end audience. They must speak to these people’s needs and sensibilities. They must convince your prospective clients that you provide something different and better. Your brand and messaging must also, and ultimately, convince them to choose your care, services, people, atmosphere and approach over that of your competitor. But first, your brand has to be noticed, and your message needs to be heard.

For over two decades, our medical marketing strategists and consultants have helped healthcare practices differentiate themselves from the competition and increase caseloads, revenues and client/patient trust. Because you’re promoting elective, cash-pay services, we help you market like a retailer… with sound, proven strategies that are known to get results.

Your audience has high expectations and many different options. This means that external marketing — including advertising and a strong Internet strategy — should be considered. Also, public relations and outreach may be wise.

Medical spas should also develop a refined image and cultivate rapport with their existing clients. By carefully auditing and analyzing every aspect of your med spa, we’re able to recommend these and other proven strategies and comprehensive tactics to help you market successfully and achieve your goals.

Achieve success with ethical, evidence-based marketing.

In truth, every medical spa is unique, from its range of services to its people, philosophy and style. Our medical SEO marketing and healthcare content advertising professionals combine vast experience and our unique evidence- and ethics-based marketing method to tailor specific strategies and tactics to help your med spa to…

  • Create a strong, recognizable and compelling brand
  • Update its existing brand, messaging & advertising
  • Attract more clients/patients
  • Overcome competitive (and other) challenges
  • Change your case mix
  • Implement new programs/services
  • Much more
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  • Thanks to Healthcare Success, I have been able to cut all dependence on third-party reimbursements in my practice, which was my goal when we first met. We achieved that goal within the first year of implementing HS’ marketing approach. Their results-based strategies have enabled me to achieve marketing success that fits my personality and image. I recommend them without reservation.
    Vasdev Rai, MD
  • A great place to realize what you need to do to be more successful. They are ‘the Doctor’s Doctor.
    Chip Cole, MD
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