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Marketing weight-loss surgery is competitive. A strategic plan and experienced guidance can help you win.

Bariatric surgery marketing and advertising are commonplace… and necessary. That’s because the CDC says nearly 40 percent of Americans over age 20 are obese. As obesity rises, so does the interest in bariatric surgery, which has opened up opportunities for surgeons to change their case mix and help make a difference in more people’s lives. There are new techniques, new options for patients, and new ways for surgeons to provide appropriate, effective treatment.

What also has increased is the competition between bariatric surgeons.

To compete, bariatric surgeons must stand out.

The increase in both demand and opportunity has created a much more competitive market for bariatric surgeons, one of the most common challenges we’ve seen for these types of practices. In some areas, there is a virtual deluge of bariatric surgery marketing messages from weight-loss surgeons. In most markets, candidates for weight-loss surgery have plenty of choices. So, how do you compete?

At Healthcare Success, we know that competing in a crowded market means standing out from the competition. And that means having a compelling bariatric surgery marketing message, getting it heard and having it drive response.

Marketing works, even in healthcare, even for referral-driven surgical practices and especially for practices — like bariatric surgery providers — who must directly appeal to prospective patients. Competitors are marketing. aggressively. To stand out from them, you can’t merely market your bariatric practice. You have to market it well. You have to promote it strategically.

A strategic path to marketing bariatric surgery effectively to grow your practice.

Strategy is the hallmark of our approach to helping bariatric practices maximize their success by marketing effectively. With strategy at top of mind and more than 20 years’ experience to their credit, our professionals come to the table with knowledge not just of healthcare marketing but specifically of how to most successfully plan and implement bariatric surgery marketing.

Our strategies for weight-loss surgery practices consider the need to create a compelling message while also speaking to potential risks, complications, the mental-emotional aspects, and the level of commitment patients need to make.

We know stoma from stomach and duodenum from jejunum. Our marketing professionals are also familiar with the differences between today’s modern procedures, from lap band and sleeve gastrectomy to gastric bypass and even duodenal switch. And we understand that the highest standard of ethics is of paramount importance.

Marketing bariatric surgery ethically because your reputation is everything.

As a surgeon, your reputation is your chief asset. At Healthcare Success, we never forget this, and reputation management and enhancement are woven into the fiber of all of our professional services.  Everything we do is to solidify your good reputation, which is why take a strong position for marketing ethically.

While ethics are clearly not insisted upon by all bariatric surgeons in their marketing, we see no distinction between ethical medical practices and ethical messaging. We believe in marketing our bariatric-surgery clients with the same commitment to reputation that they demonstrate in the operating room.

Scientific marketing: measure the results of your efforts.

Branding. Internet strategy. Referral-building. Practice representation. Staff training. Print collateral. TV and radio marketing. Our marketing strategists will devise a customized plan that will help you achieve your goals within your marketplace. We do this scientifically, basing what we do on what we know works in markets like yours for weight-loss surgeons like you.

Also, our scientific approach to marketing bariatric surgery means that we measure the results of your marketing efforts, as well. It’s vital to know what is and isn’t working so, together, we can make adjustments to your messaging in order to best achieve your goals.

To schedule a consultation, or for more information about our strategic, ethical and scientific approach to marketing weight-loss surgery practices, call us today at 800-656-0907.

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