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Ophthalmology Marketing and Advertising Designed to Win Patients.

Our experienced ophthalmology and LASIK marketing experts can help you thrive — even if the competition seems overwhelming.

For more than 20 years, ophthalmologists and vision surgery practices have relied on our marketing expertise to help them ethically grow their business. Ophthalmology — and LASIK in particular — is competitive and expensive to start, but also has the potential to be profitable. That is, if your marketing efforts are structured correctly. We’ll be your reliable resource for confronting the unique challenges of your marketplace, and for effectively attracting the referrals, patients and cases that you want.

We have partnered with providers and practices throughout the United States to successfully promote their vision care practices, attract vision correction patients, and extend their brand recognition and professional reputation in the community. Let us help you too.

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Set your ophthalmology practice apart with our in-depth marketing and branding services.

Advances in medical science, surgery and vision-care technologies provide practitioners with an expanding range of services for informed patients. These include treatment or procedures related to cataracts, cornea, glaucoma, LASIK, PRK laser, refractive surgery, retina, blepharoplasty and other oculoplastic surgeries. We’ll design and implement an ophthalmology marketing and advertising plan that draws patients to your office through referrals, and also promotes your services directly to the public.

What’s more, prospective patients are increasingly aware of their choices among qualified providers. This makes it essential for ophthalmologists to stand out from the crowd by communicating a unique, positive brand message. Ophthalmology practices often turn to us for value-driven branding solutions that offer distinction in the marketplace. Brand recognition, in the battle for the mind of the public, is an important means of engagement and winning new patients, as well as establishing and growing professional reputation and recognition.

Establishing yourself online means a lot more than having a professional website.

Most people who are considering LASIK surgery (and other vision care services) turn to the Internet to research the procedure, investigate costs and choose a surgeon. Successful practices recognize that their online presence is their new front door. This can include a contemporary website, marketing-smart Facebook pages, content-rich blog as part of a comprehensive content marketing strategy, informative social media and other marketing tools including Ophthalmology SEO. Our experience demonstrates that if you do not have a compelling and informative presence online, you’re invisible to the prospective patient.

Expanding your referral base is essential to strong growth. We specialize in making that happen.

Many ophthalmology practices rely on professional referrals as a continuous revenue stream. An entire wing of our agency is dedicated to helping you protect and expand that referral base. After considering your practice’s current referral pool, we will develop and institute a reliable referral system that spreads your brand to new patient sources while nurturing your current network. In addition, a custom-fit service plan and ongoing representation in the field will foster new relationships and resources that help you win new business referrals in the future.

Trust our experience with ophthalmology marketing to give you the edge over your competition.

A sophisticated, integrated and effective ophthalmology marketing plan optimizes the way you reach prospective patients, build relationships and ultimately capture referrals, patients and the cases that you want. Our experience in healthcare marketing for medical practices — and in particular, partnering for success with ophthalmologists across the nation — provides you with proven, ethical and highly effective strategies and tactics that deliver measurable results.

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