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Family Practice Advertising and Marketing that Draw the Patients You Want

Grow your family medicine practice with ethical, experienced marketing tailored specifically to your needs and goals.

Our healthcare delivery system is in a state of fluidity, with changes that have had serious repercussions for many family practice doctors. Incomes have declined for most as workloads have increased, forcing many to larger groups. Others look to develop niche services that are cash-based, underserved by other doctors, or will help burnish their standing or differentiate them. For those family practitioners driven to survive and thrive, strategic and ethical family practice advertising and marketing can help attract specific services, types of people and insurance coverage.

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Challenge is opportunity. Market your family practice strategically.

While rife with uncertainty, the current state of primary care creates opportunity for family practices. There are fewer doctor-owned practices, presenting an opening for independent family practitioners to differentiate themselves from larger, less personal or compassionate practices. Also, there are always dissatisfied patients looking for an alternative, and the disarray and confusion (and looming uncertainty) contribute to a sense that the quality of care has diminished.

Our experienced, expert strategists, consultants and developers know that family practice marketing success depends on a customized, targeted plan. We work with you to determine the specific goals, needs and competitive environment of your family medicine practice. Then we create a strategic marketing plan that differentiates you, conveys a unique and compelling brand, and communicates to your specific target audience why they need your family practice care.

Comprehensive marketing services and a proven, scientific approach.

With comprehensive medical marketing services and our proven, evidence-based approach to family practice marketing, we develop a strategic plan based on the details of your practice, marketplace, target audience, demographics and more. Then we craft a plan designed around your needs and goals to change or grow your practice as needed. Using proven, ethical strategies and tactics, we can help you…

  • Attract patients from the Internet, in part through SEO for medical practices, content marketing and Social Media
  • Drive patient inquiries with advertising (print, radio, web)
  • Create a powerful, attractive brand that builds trust and loyalty
  • Build and extend your reputation among patients and referrers
  • Deliver a cogent, unified message that differentiates your practice from your competitors
  • Inform patients about your services, approach, style, experience, credentials
  • Train your staff on internal efficiencies and how to make the most of your marketing efforts.

Let us help you attract more of the patients (and referrals) you want as well as higher-paying reimbursable, cash, elective and ancillary cases… without compromising ethics or integrity.

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  • You’ve already helped me attract new patients that I otherwise would never have attracted to my practice and met. Long-term, I’m convinced that this strategy will help grow my business in all of our offices.
    James Robelen, MD
  • Marketing is much more complex than I was aware and, if it is done correctly, requires expertise that I do not have.
    Kevin Haney, MD
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