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Concierge Medicine Marketing: Transforming Healthcare in an Age of Consumerism

Get noticed, earn trust, and grow your business with custom marketing solutions for concierge medicine.

The healthcare landscape has changed. Healthcare consumerism continues to rise, large multilocation practices continue to emerge, specialized Telehealth providers are gaining momentum, Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millennial populations are aging, and aggressive competition is the status quo.

Traditional marketing strategies are no longer enough to attract high-value patients to your concierge medical practices.

You need a highly targeted concierge medicine marketing strategy to address the inherent challenges of your business and increase high-value patient volume—including choosing the right retainer model and operational structure.

Whether you have an existing concierge medicine business or are looking to diversify your multi-location practice, CMOs and other stakeholders grapple with similar questions

  • Is there a viable growth model for our concierge medicine business?
  • How can we effectively compete?
  • How do we budget our marketing resources?
  • How do we balance profitability requirements with pricing that resonates with enough consumers?

These uncertainties can be overwhelming when marketing concierge medicine services to a smaller, more defined target audience. However, one fundamental concern remains whether beyond continuing legal, business model, and operational questions:

How can we attract the right audience and increase patient volume?

The answer is a strategic concierge medicine marketing plan. Concierge medicine marketing is revolutionizing how healthcare chief marketing officers (CMOs) reach their target audience across different geographic locations.

Prospective patients are often unfamiliar with concierge medicine, how it works, and its financial aspects. CMOs and other internal stakeholders are responsible for identifying and targeting the individuals most likely to find value in their boutique medical practice model and convincing them of that value—a higher level of medical care—through an intelligent content marketing strategy.

Moreover, these businesses must position themselves as the premier choice in a saturated market—all competing for the same patients.

This is where our concierge marketing strategy comes in. Healthcare Success has over 20 years of experience in marketing successful practices, including concierge medicine. Our team of skilled marketing executives understands the motivations behind physicians transitioning to new models due to the uncertainty and frustration prevalent in today's healthcare system.

Simultaneously, we recognize that patients want a one-on-one healthcare relationship while at the same time are becoming increasingly price- and value-sensitive.

However, the rising challenges inside this dynamic environment present opportunities for boutique practices to stand out and thrive.

Concierge Medicine Marketing: Powerful. Ethical. Effective.

At Healthcare Success, we offer robust and ethical healthcare marketing services for growing concierge medicine businesses.

Our marketing strategists are skilled in the changing landscape of concierge medicine marketing and the unique challenges it presents. We help multilocation practices navigate these complexities and create a comprehensive marketing plan tailored to your needs.

Our strategic, ethical, and scientific approach can help your practice:

  • Run your practice like a high-end retail business–not a typical medical practice.
    We help concierge medicine businesses design and deliver an exceptional patient experience that differentiates them from traditional medical practices. We understand the importance of creating a warm and welcoming environment, offering personalized care, and building long-term patient relationships.

  • Demonstrate exceptional value to a skeptical public.
    We guide your brand story in a way that helps alleviate patient concerns about their potential healthcare investment. Through compelling content marketing, we educate your target audience about the benefits and advantages of the highly-personalized care concierge medicine offers. Our services help highlight things like personalized attention, shorter wait times, same-day appointments, extended appointment durations, and comprehensive care services.

  • Allocate resources to build a comprehensive marketing plan.
    We incorporate organic concierge SEO services to attract a larger, high-intent audience. Our expert team of strategists leverages the power of organic search engine optimization (SEO) and compelling content to ensure your business is visible to anyone looking for concierge medical services. We can also build robust paid search campaigns and employ targeted advertising strategies to drive a volume of qualified traffic to your practice.

  • Stand apart from competitors.
    As part of our comprehensive content marketing strategy, our experienced account managers and content writers work with your internal stakeholders to
    • Craft unique value propositions for your business
    • Highlight your specialized services
    • Promote your leading-edge technologies
    • Differentiate your exceptional medical professionals and unmatched commitment to patient satisfaction

  • Convert inquiries and prospects into patients.
    We establish a baseline of trust for new and returning patients who rely on your exceptional service and valuable expertise. Our concierge medicine marketing services focus on nurturing leads, providing relevant and helpful information, and guiding potential patients through decision-making.

    Our seasoned marketing professionals employ effective lead-capture techniques, compelling calls-to-action, and personalized follow-up strategies to maximize your conversions.

  • Build a base of loyal, longstanding patients who trust you.
    We help your business mitigate the risks associated with marketing to and attracting patients ethically and effectively, aligning their expectations with your practice's high standards of service and care.

    We adhere to ethical marketing strategies for concierge medical practices, ensuring integrity in all our online and offline communications. This helps build trust and loyalty with your high-value patients.

As the healthcare industry experiences another paradigm shift driven by increasing consumerism, the emergence of large multi-practices, specialized Telehealth providers, our aging populations, multiculturalism, and fierce competition, custom medical practice marketing has become indispensable.

By leveraging intelligent marketing strategies for concierge medicine, differentiating from competitors, and building trust with prospective patients, your concierge medicine practice can thrive in this new era of healthcare.

Partner with Healthcare Success, a proven concierge medicine marketing agency, to unlock the full potential of your concierge medicine business and reach your business goals.

Our Premier Marketing Solutions for Concierge Medicine


Elevate your concierge medicine business with our expert SEO services. Our skilled strategists ensure your business reaches the right audience. We begin with a thorough competitive analysis and take those insights to optimize your website, landing pages, blogs, and more.

Next, we focus on boosting your organic search engine visibility through extensive keyword research and targeting, website content improvements, front- and back-end technical refinements, and more. These tactics help drive more organic traffic to your site and encourage deeper patient engagement.

Once we’ve made initial SEO improvements, we leverage analytic data to identify trends and adapt to the needs of your target audience (e.g., identify common search queries and create new content to address them). This further enhances your online authority and credibility.

When you partner with Healthcare Success, we’ll deliver custom SEO strategies that push your multilocation medical concierge business closer to its goals. Our SEO strategies support

  • Heightened discoverability
  • Seamless user experiences
  • Increased online bookings and appointments

Website Design

Our custom website design services are intended to captivate, engage, and convert. We seamlessly blend your core aesthetics (e.g., logo, brand voice, brand colors, etc.) with form and function, creating patient-focused websites that resonate with your audience across all provider locations. From intuitive navigation that simplifies appointment scheduling and access to patient portals to responsive design elements that adapt to any device, we ensure the user experience is enjoyable, engaging, educational, and immersive.

We help your business stand out visually and offer visitors an effortless pathway to exceptional care.


Our branding strategies unify and amplify the voice of your concierge medicine business across every location. We mold your values into a consistent brand identity that resonates with high-value patients. Whether you want to refresh your existing brand or reimagine it all together, we ensure every touchpoint radiates your core values, professionalism, compassion, and trustworthiness, so you can build a large and loyal volume of return patients.

Our experienced creative team will work closely with your internal stakeholders to develop a cohesive brand experience, so you can stay top-of-mind for anyone seeking top-tier concierge medicine services.

Digital Marketing

When you choose Healthcare Success, our marketing executives will develop custom and comprehensive digital marketing solutions to help your multilocation concierge medicine business navigate the complex digital landscape. Our integrated strategies include

  • Social media
  • Content marketing
  • Email campaigns
  • And more

These strategies help us cultivate strong digital relationships with your target audience and entice them to use your services. This holistic approach drives patient higher acquisition and retention across every geographic location.

Paid Search (PPC)

Quickly move your concierge medicine business to the top of search engine results pages (SERP)—and win more clicks and conversions—with our highly targeted and focused paid search campaigns.

Our extensive experience and data-driven insights allow us to identify competitive keywords and demographics quickly and effectively, ensuring your ads connect with high-value leads across all locations.

Healthcare Success can help take your multilocation concierge medicine business to new heights with targeted and monitored paid search ads that maximize your PPC budget and move the needle on your business.

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