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Marketing concierge medicine strategically is how boutique practices get noticed, earn trust and grow.

Concierge medicine. Boutique medical practice. Premier or “platinum” practice. Retainer medical practice. The names are confusing, but that’s only one of the challenges inherent in marketing concierge medicine to your prospective patients.

The business issues are tough with the retainer model of a concierge practice. Is there a market for it? How do you budget your time? What is the right balance between profitability and a pricing structure that will be attractive to a sufficient number of patients? There are many questions. And even if you’ve thought through all legal and operational issues, chances are that you still worry about one important thing:

How do I get people in the door?”

Find your boutique medical practice’s audience and convince them of your value.

The short answer to the question is “marketing.” Prospective patients aren’t familiar with what concierge medicine is, how it works, or how the financial side of things are set up. So you must identify the people likely to find value in the boutique medical practice model, and then convince them of that value — a higher level of medical care. You must also convince them to choose you over another concierge medicine provider.

Our strategists and consultants are experienced with marketing concierge medicine practice. We know that uncertainty and frustration with today’s healthcare system motivate physicians to transition to a retainer model. But that same environment has increased patients’ price sensitivity. Many patients’ sense of healthcare value is in flux, increasing their skepticism about the value of healthcare… but also creating an opportunity for you.

Powerful, ethical help is available for retainer medical practice marketing.

At Healthcare Success, our strategic, ethical and scientific approach to marketing concierge medicine can help you…

  1. Run your practice more like a high-end retail business than a typical medical practice.
  2. Demonstrate exceptional value to a skeptical public.
  3. Budget seriously for a strategic marketing plan that delivers results.
  4. Differentiate yourself from competitors, including the “standard” medical model.
  5. Convert inquiries into first visits and prospects into patients.
  6. Build a base of loyal, longstanding patients who trust you.

With a proven, trackable concierge medical practice marketing program, we help you reduce risk and ethically and effectively attract patients who expect, appreciate and can afford the higher standard of service and care that you’re offering.

When you’re ready to talk concierge medicine marketing for your practice, please call us at 800-656-0907.

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