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Plastic surgery marketing is competitive — everyone’s doing it.

Because aesthetic plastic surgery is dominated by elective procedures, you can’t lean on referrals for business. You must directly speak to patients through a well-planned and well-executed marketing plan. As a result, plastic surgery is saturated with campaigns.  To compete, you need to stay at the forefront of tomorrow’s marketing and advertising strategies. However, when you’re spending your days helping patients look and feel their best, staying up-to-date can be difficult. That’s where we come in. We live and breathe healthcare marketing. For over 20 years, we’ve helped thousands of practices grow and prosper, including a prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. We can help you too.

Boost your numbers and increase your plastic surgery case sizes by marketing to the right patients.

So many factors make up your plastic surgery marketing plan. It can be overwhelming. But our expert strategists will conduct a thorough analysis of your practice in order to paint a complete picture of where you are now, where you want to go and how to get there. For example, one popular strategy is to focus your marketing efforts on just a few procedures to build a reputation of expertise. That strategy will require a different approach than establishing a more comprehensive brand. Reconstructive plastic surgery requires a different approach than aesthetic. The list goes on.

Crafting and communicating your plastic surgery brand sets your practice apart.

Your unique brand messaging attracts potential patients and influences your professional reputation. Patients considering plastic surgery — especially first-timers — are going to follow predictable paths to your practice:

  1. Word-of-mouth – Above everything else, patients are going to go to a plastic surgeon whose work they can admire in-person.
  2. Online reviews – Reputation management is mandatory. If a patient can’t ask someone they trust for a recommendation, they’ll turn to online crowdsourcing.
  3. Digital & traditional advertising – A popular, consistent presence will draw more patients. And “popular” doesn’t just mean well-known. It means you’ve developed a far-reaching, positive image.

Our specialists will develop each of these areas of your practice. While we work on your brand, all you have to do is keep performing amazing procedures. We’ll help you request referrals from satisfied patients, and our social media specialist will manage your reputation across every online platform. Finally, our talented artists, writers and online specialists will create beautiful and compelling advertisements, brochures and websites that generate interest and drive action. An “all fronts” marketing strategy is necessary to maximize your development and return-on-investment.

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What People Are Saying

"We are proud of the success you have generated, and we'll keep on utilizing your resources in all our marketing efforts. We have had a good response (from the radio campaign). We are really pleased with how quickly it has taken off. We have been told that they hear the ad and go straight to the website, which is a powerful marketing statement. Feedback so far is “heard your ad, it was classy, professional and memorable”. That is what you want from an ad!”
– Sonja Minic, Practice Business Manager, Integrity Plastic Surgery

"Thanks to Healthcare Success, I have been able to cut all dependence on third-party reimbursements in my practice. Now I have a 100% fee-based practice in plastic surgery, which was my goal when we first met. We achieved that goal within the first year of implementing their marketing approach. Their results-based strategies have enabled me to achieve marketing success that fit my personality and image. I recommend them without reservation.”
– Vasdev Rai, MD

"Healthcare Success helped my wife and me build thriving practices in one of the most competitive marketplaces for plastic surgery in the entire country.”
– Brian Hass, MD

"A great place to realize what you need to do to be more successful.”
– Chip Cole, MD, Oculus Plastic Surgery

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