Illinois Dermatology Institute
Illinois Dermatology Institute
Check out the marketing plan that helped a multilocation dermatology group create a dominant local search presence for all 17+ locations.

Illinois Dermatology Institute Dominate Local Search for All Locations

Increase in GBP Views YoY
Increase in local searches YoY
Increase in total organic clicks YoY
Increase in total keyword rankings YoY

Leveraging the Power of Local Search for Substantial Growth

With a network of 17 dermatology locations throughout Chicagoland, Illinois Dermatology Institute (IDI) needed a partner to create a stable marketing plan as they merged nine independent groups, went after higher-paying patients, and grew doctors and locations.

Before partnering with us in 2019, IDI faced common multilocation marketing challenges, including one very large problem: they had almost zero local search presence. What’s more, when you looked on Google maps or did a search for one of their doctors, wrong information popped up or didn’t appear at all until page 3 or 4 on Google.

Compounding the problem was an unfocused marketing plan and a website without proper SEO. IDI asked Healthcare Success to create an online strategy to improve its online visibility.

We also built a new, SEO-friendly website with informative, engaging, and tailored content.

Since partnering with Healthcare Success, IDI has come to dominate Google’s search results in their markets. In the last year alone, IDI has seen a 243% increase in GMB views YoY, a 114% increase in local searches YoY, a whopping 82 percent increase in total organic clicks YoY, and a 78% increase in total keyword rankings YoY.

About the Company

Illinois Dermatology Institute

Illinois Dermatology Institute (IDI) is a partnership of renowned dermatologists and plastic surgeons specializing in medical, cosmetic, and surgical dermatology. With 17 locations expanding across Illinois and Indiana, IDI is proud to be a part of Chicago's rich history for nearly 35 years.


  • Nearly zero online search visibility
  • Struggling to attract patients
  • No online strategy


  • New digital marketing plan
  • Achieve maximum visibility in Local Search results
  • Grow specific doctors and locations
  • Strategically merge nine independent groups
  • Develop an SEO-friendly website
Our Strategy

Unleash a Meticulous Local SEO Strategy

To address the lack of online visibility, our team developed a robust online marketing strategy that included local SEO.

Google Business Profile Optimizations

IDI’s goal was to have maximum visibility in local search results. We claimed and optimized IDI’s Google My Business listing.

To achieve this goal, we

  • Created, claimed, merged, and verified over 50+ listings on relevant directories in partnership with IDI, including 17 office locations and 35+ doctor listings.
  • Created unique listings for each doctor at each practice location – a major lift. IDI has 20+ doctors, and many of the doctors practice in more than one location.
  • Managed the listings using our Local SEO platform and ensured business information consistency across 75+ directories, including Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Apple Maps, and Yelp.
  • Worked with IDI to provide accurate information, including confirming and optimizing addresses, phone numbers, map pin locations, hours of operation, linked reviews, images, logos, and subtext.
  • Identified local opportunities and visibility improvements.

New SEO-Friendly Website with Expanded Content

To achieve better online rankings across search engines, we built a new website with a strong SEO foundation to support local SEO.

After a thorough audit, we identified, created, and implemented 66 new pages, including crucial service and condition pages. This type of content also helps support the site’s internal architecture and UX through strategic internal linking.

We also optimized and enhanced existing location pages after strategic local keyword research.

Finally, we optimized the on-page elements of the IDI website with improved meta tags, headers, and paper titles with relevant local keywords.

Our Results

IDI Dominates Local Search for all Locations

Since starting its engagement with Healthcare Success, IDI has achieved maximum visibility in Local Search results.

Local SEO Results

After doing all the legwork, we observed the following results from Google Business Profile:

  • New Searches:
    1,175,580 up 114% YOY
  • Number of Views:
    2,403,969 up 243% YOY
  • Clicks to Website:
    16,587 up 6% YOY
  • Driving Directions:
    11,457 up 31% YOY
  • Click to Call:
    15,149 up 6% YOY

Organic SEO Results

After working with Healthcare Success, IDI has a more patient-centric online presence and robust website content, allowing them to reach more people with the right information. IDI’s website continues to see record SEO growth with our low-funnel keyword strategy.

After consolidating website properties, redesigning the website, and implementing our SEO optimizations, we observed the following improvements YoY:

  • 82% increase in total organic clicks YoY
  • 78% increase in total keyword rankings YoY

The biggest keyword win is "Dermatologist Chicago," a commercial keyword with a 2.9k monthly search volume. IDI used to rank position #27.7 (on the third page of Google results) but now shows up on the first page in position #5.

Unleashing the Power of Local SEO

As a result of our partnership, IDI has a dominant Google local search presence, and its website continues to see record SEO growth.

Our Partnership Also Extended Far Beyond Local and Organic SEO Success

Our partnership included

  • A stunning new website
  • A full marketing plan with strategic recommendations on branding, professional referrals, internal marketing, and more
  • Merging nine competing and off-brand sites into one SEO-optimized site
  • Supplementing the SEO with strategic PPC to promote locations and providers who needed extra support
  • Placing their marketing director
  • Launching a new office
  • Working closely with them throughout the COVID pandemic and all its accompanying challenges
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