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Designing Identity
Building a New Brand System for a Niche Market

Discover how Healthcare Success took CureMD’s oncology-focused sub-brand from idea to impact by crafting a comprehensive branding system that resonates with audiences and positions the brand for success.
Executive Summary

CureMD, an all-in-one EMR (electronic medical records) software solution, reached out to Healthcare Success after discovering our deep expertise in healthcare B2B and branding.

They knew they needed support from a leading healthcare marketing agency to establish a new sub-brand that succinctly captured the essence of their oncology-focused EHR (electronic health records).

Oncology patients require unique and complex case management, as they typically require highly specialized care involving multiple specialists, facilities, and providers. To meet these unique needs and capture more B2B oncology market share, CureMD built an all-in-one digital tracking solution to streamline case management specifically for oncology practices, leveraging their core tools and technologies.

After a walkthrough of their new interface, we were excited to help them bring their new brand to life and outshine well-established competitors.

In fact, the ideas started flowing before the presentation concluded.

We recognized the branding possibilities and got straight to work ideating their brand strategy, including potential brand names, visual identities, brand personas, and messaging systems.

oncentric logo

Navigating the Journey from Concept to Market-Ready Branding

Client Background

CureMD is a top-ranked EMR system that provides EHR (Electronic Health Records), practice management, and billing services to small and midsized healthcare organizations across the U.S. Its system aims to transform and streamline administrative and clinical operations, allowing healthcare professionals to provide optimal patient care.


CureMD is an established player in the healthcare technology space. While several clients leverage their oncology-specific modules and features within their parent system, their stand-alone oncology solution was still in development.

During our discovery phase, we interviewed several internal and external stakeholders. We also reviewed all pre-existing messaging about the oncology-focused tool to gain a deeper understanding of the product and its market potential.

Creating the Building Blocks for Digital Success

We quickly realized naming this singularly focused tool with an out-of-the-box idea would be challenging as many unique names were already trademarked by other healthcare organizations. Therefore, our naming process included multiple strategies to create completely new names, tailored to their new digital tool.

Alongside naming, we also created visuals and messaging that were aligned with the brand’s desired tone, personality, and persona. These elements also needed to stand apart from competitors and promote a feeling of confidence and trust among the target audience.

Our Brand System
Solution Was Three-Fold

Create a stand-alone brand name, visual identity, and messaging toolkit.

Brand Name

First, we immersed ourselves in the tool to understand its insights, purpose, and capabilities. After an internal ideation session, which included mini-visual identities for several brand options, we presented them to CureMD—along with a compelling rationale explaining why each would be relevant and some background on the name itself.

Ultimately, they chose the brand name Oncentric because it encapsulated the idea that the software is the center of care for oncology practices and their patients. A centralized place where providers, specialists, and facilities could convene for a clear snapshot of a person’s medical history, billing cycles, health conditions, treatment protocols, and other medically pertinent information.

Visual Identity

Once we had a brand name, it was time to create a robust visual identity, including font, typeface, color palette, logo design, and more.

In addition to creating a selection of stunning visuals, we delivered comprehensive logo and brand guidelines.

Oncentric Introduction Video
The video integrates new brand messaging and visual systems, providing an exciting but simple way to understand the new digital tool and its capabilities.

Messaging Toolkit

In tandem with the Oncentric visual identity, our brand messaging copywriter conducted client interviews and competitive research to build a robust brand messaging tool kit reflecting the new strategy. It included:

  • Messaging pillars
  • Core brand messages (for each pillar)
  • Taglines
  • Purpose, mission, vision, and values framework
  • Elevator speech

Together, these elements enveloped a robust brand system that could easily be translated into templates for various mediums.

Taking a Brand from Concept to Reality

We quickly understood the purpose of the CureMD tool and developed a brand system that can stand out in any medium—from presentations to tradeshows to websites and more. We believe the brand name “Oncentric” perfectly encapsulates the tools’ primary purpose: to be a central hub where healthcare professionals can gain a clear and complete understanding of their patient’s medical history, current condition, and future needs.

Now that we’ve delivered a clean and comprehensive branding system, we look forward to continuing our relationship and taking the Oncentric brand to the top of Google’s search results.

Crafting a Brand System to Deliver Impact and Drive Growth

As CureMD readies the Oncentric brand for market, the success of our collaboration underscores the importance of partnering with a marketing agency with deep healthcare experience.

We understand the healthcare market and what resonates with its target audiences, which allowed our experts to begin ideating and developing compelling and relevant branding concepts almost immediately.

Oncentric Visual Variations

As part of the Oncentric visual system, we developed a large set of concentric circle graphic variations. These graphics were designed to embody the essence of product automation and intelligence by using a striking set of graphics suitable for both animated and static formats. Referencing the origins of the brand name, these graphics provide a way to shift graphics across communication channels while adhering to the established visual brand system.

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