Pomona Valley Health Centers

Pomona Valley Health Centers (PVHC) provides exceptional care and compassion to its communities. However, its external communications and aesthetic didn’t reflect that same level of expertise and professionalism – Healthcare Success partnered with them to bridge that divide across mediums and platforms.
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PVHC needed a transformative redesign of its website. Driven by the goal of improving its user experience — the new site provides clear, simple pathways to treatment information and quick access to services and resources. It was equally important to reinforce the distinct personality of PVHC — and its doctors, and patients. Doctor interview videos, facility highlights, and client testimonials all work together to highlight everything that makes Pomona Valley Health Centers so unique and approachable.
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Much like the website redesign, Pomona Valley Health Centers wanted to prioritize patients in their social communications. Healthcare Success crafted multiple social campaigns and advertising initiatives that continue to define a unique space for PVHC, setting them apart in crowded social feeds. This was achieved by highlighting their talented staff, doctors, and actual patients.


PVHC partnered with Healthcare Success to develop 'Meet Our Doctors,' a set of videos highlighting the talent and expertise they their doctors bring to their communities.
Meet Our Doctors Series


Healthcare Success continues to develop and implement traditional design solutions for PVHC, emphasizing their people and patients to maintain and improve their overall brand experience.
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