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The Raleigh House
Discover the integrated marketing campaign that helped a substance use recovery center increase paid search conversions by 79.9%, increase online traffic by 269%, and boost new clients by a whopping 272%, filling census month over month.

How Healthcare Success' Marketing Partnership Fueled Consistent Full Capacity for a Substance Use Center

Increase in Organic Traffic
Decrease in Bounce Rate
Increase in New Users
Increase in Average Time On Site

Long before they came to us, The Raleigh House was considering a new marketing partnership to improve performance and receive quality reporting. However, when they came on board, we inherited major website problems and a significant drop in paid search effectiveness from the previous agency. Our team quickly went to work. We solved some of the most prominent issues within weeks and launched an integrated marketing strategy to turn things around.

The outstanding results keep The Raleigh House running at 100 percent census (full capacity) month after month. Our plan has helped the business improve lead acquisition, drive organic traffic to their business and increase client growth. Specifically, we saw a 269% increase YoY in organic traffic, a 272% increase in new users YoY, a 43% decrease in bounce rate YoY, and a 29% increase in the average time a user spends on the site.

In paid search, we saw an average CPC down more than 23%, CTR up 27.5 percent, and a conversion rate increase of 79.9 percent.

  • So proud of all the work that went into this (and it was A LOT of work) - Special shoutout to our Account Manager who has been working tirelessly on our organic traffic, which is making up an ASTOUNDING 88% of traffic and the paid search team who has been doing amazing work on the paid side with a trimmed down budget. Really, honestly, truly - great work.
    Abby McKenna
    Director of Marketing + Business Development
  • I just got the monthly Google Analytics report, and I am blown away - Traffic went up 87.5%! This is incredible. This amount of traffic is outstanding.
    Abby McKenna
    Director of Marketing + Business Development
  • This is incredible you guys. Thank you for sharing this, and great job to all! You are rockstars!
    Wanda VanGilder

About The Raleigh House

The Raleigh House (formally known as The Raleigh House of Hope) is a leading substance use recovery center based in Denver, Colorado, with over 15 years of experience. Historically, the business relied on website traffic and referrals. With increasing competition and a lack of resources in digital marketing, The Raleigh House was not performing as well as its competitors.

Their goal was to improve their digital marketing strategies (specifically SEO), reduce acquisition costs, increase admissions, and maintain a steady flow of clients. In the long run, they also wanted a healthy agency partnership with transparency in regular reporting.


  • A competitive market filled with similar providers who outrank them organically
  • Extremely high quality standards for qualified leads
  • Current PPC was not driving enough patients to center
  • Poor SEO
  • Low-quality content
  • Major website foundation problems
Our Strategy

Generating Quality Leads with a Strong Paid Media & Organic Strategy

The Raleigh House was struggling to get enough qualified inquiries. Healthcare Success stepped in to build a comprehensive, integrated marketing strategy, ensuring client volume would increase through new paid and organic SEO campaigns. Our team also created custom, transparent reports to track data so we could successfully align marketing projects with goals. Now, instead of relying solely on referrals, they can reach people who need help through search and paid channels.

Custom Reporting

Leveraging Analytics for Transparent Reporting and Actionable Insights

As one of the first steps, we built custom reporting dashboards to provide The Raleigh House with insight into how each campaign and channel (SEO, PPC) contributed to performance. The Raleigh House team loves our weekly granular, custom tracking reports.

Optimized Targeted PPC Campaigns

Our first steps in improving their paid media strategy included “cutting the fat.” We launched improved paid search campaigns to maximize lead volume and ensure maximum visibility through higher-quality ads. We also created new landing pages for locations and service areas to optimize their site for PPC ad traffic.

From these improvements, we saw a decrease in Cost Per Click (CPC) of 23%, an increase of Click Thru Rate of 27.5 percent, and a whopping 79.9% increase in conversions from paid traffic.

Organic SEO and Content

Creating a Consumer-centric Website with a Strong SEO and Content Foundation

Our team needed to revamp the Raleigh House website to achieve better online rankings across search engines. We conducted a thorough audit and presented a strong SEO strategy that included technical SEO and content strategy.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the basis of a successful website, but The Raleigh House’s website did not represent the latest implementations. Our team identified and fixed the issues and helped create a better-organized site architecture so that Google can crawl and index pages easily while potential clients can better navigate the information on the site. We implemented SEO best practices for heading tags and provided optimized metadata to target the right keywords. We added schema markup to appropriate pages. We ensured that the site was ADA-accessible. We also added a proper HTML sitemap to the website and improved the XML sitemap.

Full-Funnel Content Strategy

We identified key services offered by the Raleigh House that needed designated web pages. So, we developed and implemented new key landing pages featuring quality, optimized content. We also optimized existing content for SEO and strategic internal linking to support the site’s interior architecture. Finally, we identified and repaired a wide range of content issues negatively impacting search rankings, including over-optimization, duplicate content, and thin content.

Our Results

Consistently Running at Full Capacity with a Foundation for Continued Growth

As a result of their partnership with us, The Raleigh House has experienced significantly improved PPC and SEO results. We have reduced their acquisition cost and have partnered with the Raleigh House team to consistently fill out census month after month. Our custom, granular tracking and reporting have allowed us to evolve our strategy in real-time and keep them ahead of our competitors.

By ensuring their campaigns are only optimizing for their in-house lead qualification “star” system, the quality of leads has improved significantly.

Our PPC strategy has positively impacted their campaigns.

We have lowered Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) by improving the quality of traffic and adjusting bids to stay competitive but below their CPA goal. The Raleigh House’s conversion rate has increased, too, rising 79.9% YoY.

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The results have been just as incredible with SEO.

The Raleigh House has experienced an increase in organic traffic by 269% (2023 vs 2022). The quality of traffic has also increased as the bounce rate decreased by 43%, and the average time a user spends on the site increased by 11 seconds (29%). We also brought in a 272% increase in new users YoY.

Finally, we enjoy our partnership with the Raleigh House team.

We also visit them in person periodically, and we’ve developed a strong bond that will help them to help others in need of recovery. 

Healthy partnerships begin with transparency. Tell us your challenges and aspirations for growth, and we’ll devise a strategy to achieve your goals.  

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