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Boston PainCare

Healthcare Success rapidly generates new patient opportunities for Boston PainCare through digital advertising.

Our partnership

Boston PainCare is a premier pain medicine practice in New England, and its subsidiary Boston Headache Institute treats chronic headaches and migraines. They offer both consultations and in-house care for migraine treatment, creating a very targeted demographic for the office’s patients.

To maximize exposure to this unique customer base, Boston PainCare enlisted the help of Healthcare Success midway through 2016. Our campaigns use digital advertising to achieve the following:

  • Connect with potential patients in specific geographic targets
  • Take advantage of the growing mobile web user base
  • Maximize exposure with specifics like insurance, age, income, etc

The industry experience of Healthcare Success, combined with the unique target Boston PainCare faces, made for an excellent match—and a perfect application of AdWords’ capabilities as Boston PainCare pushed to connect with more migraine sufferers.

Dominating mobile paid search with 72% of paid traffic
Cost-per-lead dropped 58%
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The game plan: Looking locally

Boston PainCare serves migraine and headache patients within driving distance, including an urgent care facility. Because their primary purpose was so specific, we recommended geo-targeting as the best strategy, based on budget and distance.

Our targeted ads were delivered based on location, symptom, and even insurance. Focused geo-targeting allowed us to increase inbound calls and decrease cost-per-click without any change to their budget.

A push for mobile marketing

In 2016, the mobile market exceeded desktop traffic for the first time. As smartphones and connected devices shifted to the default way of searching for information, there became a greater need to cater to this market.

For Boston PainCare, the goal was to push mobile traffic to call the office immediately rather than potentially losing their attention through clicks. We built a strategy to drive mobile conversions by using specific landing pages for mobile-targeted ads. This targeting powered a significant volume of conversions (calls) from a previously untapped market.

photo of home page for Boston Headache Institute website

The Results

We’re proud to say that our efforts, along with the great doctors at Boston PainCare, have efficiently connected migraine sufferers with the specialized care they so desperately needed.

The campaigns we created showed that after an initial ramp-up period, our strategy strongly drove new conversions via phone calls and form submissions. The campaign was so successful, in fact, that the scope of the keyword targets grew even though the budget for migraines stayed the same.

  • Cost-per-lead dropped 58%
  • 195 inbound calls in the first half of the year as a result of geographic targeting
  • 72% previously untapped mobile market increased significantly, taking 72% of paid traffic
  • Healthcare Success employs a team that is flexible, understanding and able to accommodate meetings to fit the demanding schedule of a medical practice. Without hesitation, their marketing experts share knowledge to educate clients on the strategies that could be most effective for their target audience.
    Rachel Porter, MSN, RN-BC
    Boston PainCare
  • Our staff knows how to help patients, not how to craft digital marketing campaigns. Healthcare Success easily took the reins in a flexible and fast way while explaining their strategy and logic. The results have been fantastic, and we’re even expanding into other areas of our service for AdWords.
    Dr. Steven Nathin
    President/CEO, Boston PainCare
  • Healthcare Success was able to immediately improve our online presence and increase new patient opportunities by driving targeted paid ads to customized landing pages.
    Rachel Porter, MSN, RN-BC
    Boston PainCare
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