Thrive Medical
Thrive Medical

Discover the marketing strategy behind Thrive Medical’s explosive growth.

Increase in conversions YoY
Decrease in cost/conversion YoY
Increase in conversion rate YoY

Developing a Scalable Strategy to Drive New Patient Acquisition

Thrive Medical is a New York multidisciplinary provider. It's disparate offerings across six locations lacked brand clarity and an effective online presence. Chiropractic care, a key service line, was underperforming.

Since 2019, HS has partnered with multidisciplinary provider Thrive Medical to:

  • Continuously grow patient volume
  • Launch a new brand logo and name
  • Grow Thrive’s most important service lines, including chiropractic
  • Navigate successfully through the COVID Pandemic
  • Continually optimize paid search campaigns
  • Create a new SEO-driven website to grow organic traffic.

Our Results

  • 172% increase in conversions
  • 37% decrease in cost/conversions
  • 210% increase in conversion rate
  • Strong patient flow across all locations
  • Elevated brand awareness and market recognition

Healthcare Success's strategic marketing efforts successfully revitalized Thrive Medical, driving significant patient growth and establishing a strong brand presence in each market.

About the Company

Thrive Medical Management

Thrive Medical, serving East Long Island, NY, works to help clients through the difficult physical therapy and rehabilitation process with its specialized three-step process. This includes diagnostics and personalized treatment plans. Thrive Medical offers physical and rehabilitative therapy, trigger point therapy, dry needling, acupuncture, and more, all to help treat and alleviate chronic pain.


  • Underserved service line: chiropractic care
  • Pandemic downturn
  • Management changes
  • Insurance hurdles for chiropractic care


  • Increasing new patient volume
  • Efficiently scaling up spending and conversion volume across all locations.
  • Driving new patients for specialty services.
Our Strategy

An SEO-Friendly Website and Media Strategy Optimized for New Patient Acquisition

Website & SEO

After the pandemic, it was clear that Thrive needed a new website and a focus on SEO. We pivoted from our original strategy and consolidated the six microsites into a brand-new SEO-friendly website.

A refined UX and strong SEO foundation allow potential patients to quickly find the necessary information and care. Our SEO strategy included technical SEO and content strategy.

We developed and implemented optimized site content on service pages and focused on conditions to help search engines associate the site with its primary service lines. This content also helps support the site’s internal architecture and UX through strategic internal linking.

The initiative aimed to create a cohesive and modern experience across all touchpoints, setting Thrive Medical up for continued expansion.

Paid Search

Healthcare Success optimized Thrive’s ad accounts, keyword strategy, and website landing pages to increase new patient volume and make it easy to track and measure their success over time. We optimized all its campaigns toward new patient leads, which is the ultimate goal for Thrive.

Significant factors to the campaign’s success include:

  • Ongoing keyword research and refinement, including match type testing and building a robust negative keyword list
  • Paid Search account restructuring on Google Ads: Markets as the campaign and services as the ad groups.
  • Capturing more conversions with higher search impression share
  • Establishing which of our keywords drive the best patients
  • Producing more efficient traffic (clicks & impressions)
  • Accurate Conversion Tracking
  • New ad copy creation (text) and a/b testing
  • Comprehensive Paid Search reporting with data analysis
  • Geography optimizations
Our Results

A Consistent Pipeline of New Patients at a Low CPA

Healthcare Success’ revamp of Thrive Medical’s digital front door has ensured a more engaging, intuitive, and informative experience for all visitors to the healthcare provider’s site.

Our collaboration with the brand successfully bridged the gap between the brand’s potential and its digital representation, ensuring it stands out in a highly competitive landscape.

SEO Results

After redesigning the website and implementing our SEO optimizations, we observed YOY improvements comparing the last three months in 2022 vs. 2023.

  • 3125% increase in organic total clicks: Significantly up from 28 to 903.
  • 4050% increase in organic total Impressions: Significantly up from 1.53k to 63.5k.

Paid Media Results

Through paid search, we've increased Thrive's patient count while keeping paid search CPA at a profitable level.

October 2023 Google Ads vs. October 2022 Google Ads

  • 172% increase in conversions YoY
  • 37% decrease in cost/conversion YoY
  • 210% increase in conversion rate YoY

This shows our expertise in scaling up our ad campaigns WITHOUT experiencing a drop in performance. We scaled up our client’s ad budget by 1.7x to bring about 2.7x more conversions.

Driving Growth Today and Tomorrow

As a result of our partnership, Thrive Medical has improved its lead acquisition, driven organic traffic to its business, increased patient growth, and more. Post-launch, Healthcare Success continues to work with Thrive on paid search, SEO, and content creation.

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