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Accelerating Market Expansion & Growth Through Strategic Partnership

Discover how the Healthcare Success Marketing Partnership Program helped Texas Endovascular harness the power of strategic marketing, increasing brand awareness, supporting a multilocation rollout, and achieving remarkable growth in target markets.

Executive Summary

While some clients hire Healthcare Success for select digital marketing services, like SEO or paid search, others hire us as their strategic marketing partner.

This story illustrates the many facets of how a true marketing partnership can elevate your business.

Texas Endovascular CEO Sean Mullen has always recognized integrated marketing as a critical success factor for business growth. He knew it was a virtually untapped avenue for growth at his company.

After working with smaller agencies over the years with a narrow focus, he was ready to partner with an experienced marketing agency specialized in helping multilocation healthcare organizations achieve their growth goals.

Texas Endovascular came to Healthcare Success as a single-location practice in Houston with big goals for strategic growth.

We immediately saw Texas Endovascular’s growth potential and were excited to partner with them.

In our first year of partnership, we increased YoY lead volume (from form fills and calls) by 77% and boosted organic site visits by 126%. We also built high-performing paid social ads, traditional media campaigns (e.g., TV, radio, outdoor), and print materials (e.g., posters and brochures).

As our partnership evolved, we focused on market expansion, culminating in a scalable, data-driven marketing program facilitating rapid expansion to Dallas and Atlanta in a single year.

This illustrates the value of a true marketing partnership.

  • I sought out Healthcare Success CEO Stewart Gandolf personally because of his long-standing reputation for being the best at what he does—strategic healthcare marketing. Over the years, I worked with smaller marketing agencies, but these relationships were transactional at best. I needed a partner I could trust.
    Sean Mullen, CEO
    Texas Endovascular
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Redefining Market Segments for Optimal Impact and Enhanced Brand Positioning

Client Background

Texas Endovascular specializes in providing minimally invasive procedures to successfully treat vascular, fibroid, and other vascular-specific diseases in outpatient, office-based settings in Texas and Georgia.

Recent Developments

Texas Endovascular struggled to attract leads from neighboring cities and states because their digital marketing was over-concentrated in the Houston market.

Texas Endovascular needed to redefine target markets and improve brand positioning to market its service lines more effectively to niche audiences to stimulate growth beyond these cities.


  • Brand/service line segmentation.
  • Market differentiation.
  • Marketing mix expansion.
  • Better online visibility in target markets.
  • Higher lead volume in target markets.

Implementing Scalable Solutions for Sustainable Growth

Our Strategy

To address our clients’ growing pains, we launched several strategic initiatives, including:

  • Competitive Analysis.
  • Positioning Strategy (e.g., develop a house of brands).
  • Service Line Segmentation.
  • Market Planning & Expansion.
  • Multimedia Planning (incl. traditional & digital tactics).


Thanks to our well-established relationship, Texas Endovascular gave us the green light to conduct a comprehensive competitive analysis of existing and target markets to identify the best market opportunities.

Next, we identified each market’s competitive level and the best geographic locations. This study also included a discussion on brand positioning, weighing the pros and cons of developing a branded house vs. a house of brands. Ultimately, we determined a house of brands strategy would more effectively target niche audiences.

We analyzed and identified which service lines would perform best in each target area and restructured their online presence. This led us to develop 11 niche-specific websites in six months, which included one website for each vertical that would live on its own but still have the common core brand (allowing it to suit multiple medical conditions if needed).

Building this scalable solution allows us to deliver more targeted paid search ads to their niche audiences more effectively—encouraging growth in their target markets today and tomorrow.

While these sites launched just a few short weeks ago, the early performance data is already impressive.

  • Having a dedicated account manager at Healthcare Success, like Larissa, allowed me to focus more on the nuts and bolts of my business. The support we received helped take our business to the next level. Recently, we launched eleven niche-specific websites, driving a steady stream of high-quality leads to our targeted service lines.
    Sean Mullen, CEO
    Texas Endovascular

Recapping Key Achievements

Our first year of partnership with Texas Endovascular resulted in impressive outcomes, including:


  • 439% Increase in Site Impressions
  • 126% Increase in Organic Site Visits
  • 77% Increase in Lead Volume

Phase 1 restructuring (from one to three sites) and digital marketing efforts yielded the following:


  • 62% Increase in Site Users
  • 56% of all Website Sessions Resulting from Paid Search
  • 23% Increase in Website Impressions


  • 150% Increase in Paid Search Ad Clicks and Impressions
  • 77% Increase in Conversions
  • 62% Increase in Website Sessions, with 83% attributed to Organic Search

Phase 2 restructuring (from three to eleven sites) and digital marketing efforts are already showing exciting results.

Showcasing the Value of a Trusted Partnership Through Tangible Results

Texas Endovascular knew what they needed to achieve—and knew they needed to work with a leader in healthcare marketing to achieve it.

They recognized Healthcare Success as that leader and took advantage of our Marketing Partnership Program to build their brand and expand their business into the multilocation powerhouse it is today.

We tested different tactics, initiatives, and campaigns to discover which resonated in each geographic area and segmented our approach to maximize their marketing dollars.

As a trusted partner, Texas Endovascular gives us the runway needed to experiment, analyze, optimize, and innovate to ensure we properly elevate top-performing campaigns and pivot to new strategies as needed.

  • I never shy away from recommending Healthcare Success. From our very first engagement, they have helped guide our strategic decisions, and our results speak for themselves.
    Sean Mullen, CEO
    Texas Endovascular

Exploring the Healthcare Success Difference

Our partnerships are different. When you work with us, it’s never transactional. From the very first engagement, you get direct access to a dedicated account manager with first-hand knowledge of your business opportunities and challenges—and it only deepens with time.

In turn, they’ll connect you with our in-house process experts along the way for direct guidance on SEO, paid search, creative, content, and more.

When you partner with us, you get the key to the city.

If you’d like to learn how Healthcare Success can help your healthcare organization reach its business goals, please contact one of our seasoned marketing professionals today.

Ready to explore a partnership?
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