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Transforming Corporate Branding into Localized Success

Discover how Healthcare Success revolutionized Healthcare Navigator’s online presence, transforming its singular corporate brand into a diversified “house of brands” portfolio with 50 microsites.

This shift catapulted local visibility, organic site traffic, and overall digital presence, resulting in 175,000 organic site inquiries (conversions).

Executive Summary

Healthcare Navigator approached us to reimagine the online presence of its senior care brands, including its largest skilled nursing brand, Gulf Coast Health Care (GCHC). Each location had a preexisting identity but was disjointed from the larger Gulf Coast brand.

To achieve its overarching business objectives, Healthcare Success overhauled Gulf Coast’s corporate website and created a cohesive set of branded local websites for each of GCHC’s 50 skilled nursing centers across Florida and Mississippi. These sites helped GCHC to improve brand awareness in local markets, engage wider audiences, and capture a larger market share.

  • When I first joined Healthcare Navigator in 2018, one of my main objectives was to find a healthcare marketing agency that could help us integrate our independent skilled nursing business, elevate our brand, and increase its visibility within the industry. I initially found Healthcare Success through a Google search, and after interviewing five other agencies, I felt confident that Healthcare Success could deliver on all our goals—and then some.
    Kim Grogan, VP of Marketing and Communications
    Healthcare Navigator

Overcoming Low Online Visibility Through Unified Branding

Client Background

Healthcare Navigator and its brand, Gulf Coast Health Care, engaged Healthcare Success to lead the marketing of its skilled nursing and assisted living facilities throughout the southeastern United States, primarily Florida and Mississippi.

Pain Points

From high-quality treatment plans and personalized care to a long tenure of leadership within their local communities, Healthcare Navigator was no stranger to due diligence. After a lengthy online search and analysis, Kim Grogan, Healthcare Navigator's VP of Marketing and Communications, felt confident that our long tenure of integrated digital marketing success could help them achieve their business goals.

Healthcare Navigator needed a true marketing partner with deep experience in staff training, creative branding, and all aspects of digital marketing.

Though they had a strong patient base, the website suffered from limited local visibility, engagement, and organic traffic. Not only did its corporate website inadequately support its 50 locations, but it also lacked brand differentiation and a holistic brand strategy to compete effectively, adapt to diverse local markets, and generate new patient admits predictably, passively, and profitably.

The disparity between the Florida and Mississippi markets was significant, requiring hyper-localized content frameworks for each center that resonated with those communities and stayed true to the brand’s core values and objectives.

Couple that with a downturn due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and Kim knew the Healthcare Navigator brand and digital presence needed a complete makeover. The process experts at Healthcare Success were excited to help reshape its online presence to deliver increased patient admits, optimize their onboarding experience, and elevate patient and referral traffic to each location.

  • I cannot tell you how impressed I was with Healthcare Success during the pandemic. The government notified us that we were required to report our COVID numbers for each center, including how many residents were sick, recovering, or dying of the disease. Healthcare Success literally created a tracking system for us and kept it updated daily. I don’t know what we would have done if we didn’t have HS as our partner during that time, and I can’t thank them enough.
    Kim Grogan, VP of Marketing and Communications
    Healthcare Navigator

Creating Localized Content to Engage Diverse Audiences

Healthcare Navigator was seeking a comprehensive solution to its branding and messaging challenges. It also needed to boost local organic traffic to achieve increased admissions and optimized census for its dedicated properties.

To correct these issues, Healthcare Success developed and launched a new corporate website that linked to each of the 50 microsites. These dedicated sites and URLs significantly increased traffic, inquiries, and submissions.

Our objectives included:

  • Conducted market research to understand local needs and preferences.
  • Developed a cohesive strategy for 50 unique microsites.
  • Implemented on-site SEO tactics to boost local search visibility.
  • Designed and launched branded, localized, and search-engine-optimized microsites for each location.
  • Resourced and implemented localized photos and content for each website. We added photographs of real patients and stock photos of the target audience for each community.
  • Developed digital marketing systems to generate new patient admits, increasing revenue for each location.
  • Improved the patient experience relating to telephone services and appointment bookings.
  • Provided staff training and education on digital marketing best practices.

To achieve these goals, we took the brand from a single website to a house of brands encompassing 50 unique but connected microsites tailored to each location. This approach allowed us to create localized content to drive more organic website traffic, engagement, and conversions from users with high intent.

Our strategies included:

  • Brand development and design
  • Website (Microsite) Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Collaboration with key stakeholders

Assessing the Impact of Our Marketing Partnership

As a result of our partnership, Healthcare Navigator achieved a significant increase in local visibility across major search engines (e.g., Google, Bing, and Yahoo).

Our website rebranding delivered increased brand recognition and easier access to center microsites, offering an intuitive directory structure so consumers can quickly identify nearby locations and visit microsites to learn about each location’s unique service offerings.

As a result of our partnership with Healthcare Navigator, the Gulf Coast Health Care brand experienced remarkable growth in Google views and site engagement, including:

  • 2,784,019 Total Google Views on Search and Maps
  • 40,668 Total Clicks to Website
  • 79,347 Total Phone Call Clicks
  • 54,638 Total Get Directions Clicks

Our Partnership During the COVID Crisis

Specifically, during COVID-19, our strategic partnership:

  1. Helped Healthcare Navigator comply with government requirements.
  2. Introduced them to a crisis management PR firm.
  3. Helped shelter the larger organization with our rebranding efforts.
  • We would not have been able to achieve our business objectives, from staff training, culture development, and applicant tracking to COVID reporting, site branding, and local SEO without the support of Healthcare Success. Their process experts had an impressive depth of knowledge and were always responsive and ready to lend a helping hand. We truly valued their expertise and depended on them to—not only help us achieve our marketing goals—but also overcome unique challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic. We couldn’t have asked for a stronger partner.
    Kim Grogan, VP of Marketing and Communications
    Healthcare Navigator
  • Healthcare Success jumped into action, helping us address reputation management issues with one of our centers. Unfortunately, this location suffered a significant loss of life during the pandemic. We were—and are—so grateful for Healthcare Success and their Reputation Management services.
    Kim Grogan, VP of Marketing and Communications
    Healthcare Navigator

Recapping Our Fruitful Partnership

Healthcare Navigator experienced the transformative impact of adopting a house of brands strategy and leveraging localized digital marketing strategies. By embracing this approach, the company exceeded its business goals and achieved significant growth in organic site conversions during our partnership.

If you’d like to learn how Healthcare Success can help your healthcare organization reach its business goals, please contact one of our seasoned marketing professionals today.

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