Mountain View Medical Center
Case Study:

Mountain View Medical Center

Smart, focused marketing and digital advertising took this family practice from one new patient a day to over 250 new patients per month.

Our partnership

Before we met with Mountain View Medical Center, the family-run family practice was spending a combined $200 a year on marketing. But when they got their hands on a copy of a healthcare marketing DVD set by Stewart Gandolf, CEO of Healthcare Success, (way back in 2009) the team was inspired to fly to San Diego and attend our very first healthcare marketing seminar.

"We owe it all to Healthcare Success—truly."
David Swartout, Director of Operations
Mountain View Medical Center

That was just the beginning. Mountain View Medical Center took a giant leap forward and signed a major contract with Healthcare Success. Together, we rebranded, created collateral, and developed a brand-new website.

Recently, some of the team attended a refresher seminar. We got together and followed up with a complete, tailored marketing plan as part of our ongoing partnership. Today, MVMC continues to see results through our longstanding and newly launched digital advertising campaigns.

Our marketing efforts—partnered with great, compassionate doctors—results in continued growth. Before the initial seminar, the team at Mountain View Medical Center hadn’t imagined reaching 65 new patients a month. Today, they can see upwards of 65 new patients a week.

mother holding up her child

Phase 1: Rebranding

To launch our partnership, Mountain View Medical Center required a complete rebranding and new website design before taking any major marketing steps. Branding focused on their compassionate care, as well as their family-centered practice. (Dr. Timothy J. Gray, founder, is now joined by his two sons, Dr. Timothy J. Gray, II, and Dr. Thomas C. Gray.)

Our goal was to build a foundation with a solid brand, traditional media, and digital marketing and advertising. On a modest budget, they grew leaps and bounds.

Phase 2: Assessment and testing

With any new client, our hope is to form a long-term relationship, so we can continuously adjust strategies based on data to drive new patients. Recently, we worked with Mountain View Medical Center to create a marketing plan in order to move forward with their digital advertising.

Data-driven marketing and analytics are key to finding tailored solutions that work according to a client’s demographics, specialties, and other important factors. In Phase 2 of our marketing partnership with Mountain View Medical Center, we decided to double down on digital after finding that digital advertising outperformed traditional media by far in their area.

photo of a "primary care physician hillsboro oregon" google search and google displaying Mountain View Medical Center as first result

Phase 3: Digital advertising

Mountain View Medical Center began advertising on Google in 2015. Today, we advertise on Bing as well, and we’re currently rolling out paid Facebook Ads—which will target the online community in their local markets and work in synergy with our search campaigns to boost exposure and reach a highly targeted audience.

We shifted from using primarily brand-related keywords to solely focusing on new patient keyword variations (such as “health clinic near me” and “find a doctor”). We brought in 174 calls in the last quarter—but what’s much more important is the increase in call quality.

"We used to be so excited about getting 20 new patients a month, and now we just laugh about it. The marketing seemed expensive at the time, but working with Healthcare Success was the smartest decision we’ve ever made."
David Swartout, Director of Operations
Mountain View Medical Center
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