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Pomona Valley Health Centers
Discover the marketing partnership and paid search strategy behind the significant increase in new patient volume for Pomona Valley Health Centers.

Pomona Valley Health Centers experiences true success via the agency of record.

Decrease in cost/conversion YoY
Increase in leads YoY
Increase in clicks YoY
Increase in impressions YoY

In 2012, we began what has since turned into a healthy, long-term marketing partnership with Pomona Valley Health Centers (PVHC).

With a limited internal marketing system and the need for a cohesive marketing strategy, PVHC decided to partner with a single agency that could handle all its traditional and digital marketing needs. They also required a team with extensive experience in the healthcare space.

Healthcare Success was the ideal fit, providing strategic recommendations on everything from branding and website development to digital marketing.

As a result of our holistic, integrated approach, PVHC has seen an ongoing increase in patient lead volume, conversion rates, and click-through rate.

Most importantly, over the years PVHC has experienced an ROI as high as 10:1.

About the Company

Southern California-Based Pomona Valley Health Centers

Located in Southern California, the five ambulatory clinics of Pomona Valley Health Centers feed into a 412-bed community hospital (Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center) that serves both affluent and low-income communities.

The ambulatory clinics are placed in key strategic communities and act as feeders to the main hospital.


  • Highly competitive market
  • Brand confusion (PVHC, FHC, Premier, PVHMC)
  • Limited marketing/brand presence to communities served by PVHC
  • Minimal internal marketing system
  • Lack of a cohesive marketing strategy for doctor referral marketing activities and inconsistency in tracking marketing activities and relationships tied to marketing representatives.


  • Establish a stronger, more consistent brand identity, market awareness, and differentiated, competitive edge for PVHC
  • Drive patient awareness, consideration, and leads across ten service lines
  • To help the five locations gain visibility in a highly competitive industry
  • Achieve a significantly lower cost-per-lead
  • Leverage digital media to scale up new patient bookings
Our Strategy

Branding: Establish a stronger, more consistent brand identity, market awareness, and differentiated, competitive edge for PVHC

The first step in our marketing journey began with creating a sub-brand for the health centers. These ambulatory clinics could be self-sufficient while helping bring more patients to the main hospital.

Healthcare Success presented and executed branding recommendations that included the following tactics:

  • Their brand and logo development
  • A new and separate PVHC website linked to the PVHMC website
  • The HS team recently developed an updated, high-performing main website redesign, which contributes to an even more effective paid search performance
  • Branded patient materials and brochures
  • Branded program and doctor videos
  • Consistent messaging/communication from doctors and staff to patients (all locations) (training required)
  • External advertising
Our Paid Search Strategy

Attract new patients through an optimized paid search strategy

Our approach with PVHC is centered on a multi-faceted strategy.

Across our efforts, we focused on enhancing campaign structures, optimizing keyword usage, and dominating local paid search.

Customized Dashboards and Reports

We created customized dashboards and reports, which allowed us to continually analyze and optimize the campaigns for improved quality and efficiency.

Keyword Strategy

In optimizing PVHC’s keyword strategy, we launched our campaigns using exact and phrase-match keywords based on extensive research into keyword performance.

We also dominated local paid search by targeting a 5-10 mile radius around their locations. This strategy allowed us to reach new patients in PVHC’s local markets and focus on bottom-of-the-funnel, high local-intent keywords.

Additional factors that contributed to the campaign’s success include

Allocating our Paid Digital Budget to 4 Campaigns:
1) Brand Campaign, 2) Urgent Care Campaign, 3) Rotating Doctor Campaign, and 4) other Priority Service Lines Campaign.

Applied Ad Scheduling:
This shifted the budget to help drive traffic and push more volume on days that are not so busy.

  • The Healthcare Success team has proven to be extremely effective in increasing Urgent Care patient volume. Their expertise in search engine optimization, social media, and online advertising continue to generate a high volume of new patient referrals to our centers. I would highly recommend them.
    Michael S. Buckley
    Director of Business Development & Physician Relations, Pomona Valley Health Centers
Our Results

The marketing partnership that skyrocketed new patient volume for Pomona Valley Health Centers

A new brand, website, consistent messaging, creativity, and innovative strategies come together in a true marketing partnership.

PVHC needed a full-service strategic creative partner capable of executing campaigns across various channels—and we delivered. We drive new patients to the hospital and health centers through various online and offline campaigns, including traditional media buying/planning (print, billboard, radio) and digital (PPC, social media advertising, and digital marketing).

Paid Search Results
A Pipeline of New Patients at a Low CPC

The Healthcare Success team optimized PVHC’s ad accounts, keyword strategy, and website landing pages to increase new patient volume. Our team also decreased the overall cost per new lead month over month. Ultimately, our approach helped build a solid foundation that will help PVHC continue to expand and provide high-quality care to people in Southern California.

The industry benchmark for average cost per click is $4.18. We got PVHC’s cost per click close to $1.

The industry benchmark for conversion rate is 8.4%. We got PVHC’s conversion rate close to double that at 15.25%.

The industry benchmark for clickthrough rate is 6.4%. We got PVHC’s clickthrough rate to exceed that to 16.39%

Most recently, PVHC experienced the following results from paid search:

  • 62% increase in leads YoY
  • 37% decrease in cost/conversion YoY
  • 53% increase in clicks YoY
  • 44% increase in impressions YoY
  • 6% increase in conversion rate YoY
  • 33% decrease in cost-per-click YoY
  • 6% increase in clickthrough rate YoY

All while maintaining a similar spend YoY!

Digital Marketing and Advertising

Today, Pomona Valley Health Centers sees thousands of new patient phone calls from our digital marketing and digital advertising campaigns, including SEO (search engine optimization), social media advertising, and paid search.

Our goal is to saturate the local market. We maintain an average position of 1st place with our paid search ads, blanketing a 15-mile radius around their locations for keywords like “doctors near me” or “urgent care near me.” Proximity is vital for people seeking out an urgent care clinic or family doctor on a mobile device, so our strategies center around dominating local paid search.

Pomona Valley Health Centers also serve a large Hispanic audience. Our efforts have included Spanish-language landing pages, pay-per-click advertising, and social media advertisements optimized for a mobile audience.

Consistent Messaging

We maintain cohesive messaging across all five PVHC locations and all service lines, incorporating their branding into traditional media and digital campaigns.

This includes:

  • Television ads
  • Print ads
  • Billboards
  • Pandora Radio Ads
  • Magnetic Mailers
  • Digital advertising
  • Patient emails
  • Newsletters
  • Collateral

This was particularly important as they launched a new location, which required integrating a robust cross-channel media plan with consistent messaging. The grand opening was a resounding success.

Although we work primarily with the health centers, we’ve also worked with Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center. Perhaps the most notable marketing initiative for the hospital was a multimedia campaign to drive new patients to their multi-million-dollar investment in 3D mammography. The campaign was so successful that they had to stop running the ads.

And more!

Our long-standing partnership with PVHC has allowed us to be the agency of record.

Over the years, Healthcare Success has helped PVHC with:

  • Promoting new providers
  • Converting urgent care patients to primary care
  • Promoting additional services
  • Supporting their efforts to promote doctors
  • Presenting at board meetings
  • Creating TV commercials
  • Supporting marketing for hospitals
  • Launching grand openings
  • Creating patient newsletters
  • Email marketing
  • Staff training (How to answer phones for better patient experience)
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