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Muir Wood
Discover how Muir Wood Adolescent & Family Services achieved a staggering 133% increase in patient admissions through organic search using SEO and content marketing solutions from Healthcare Success.

Fueling Long-Term Growth with Organic SEO and Content Marketing

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Discover how Muir Wood Adolescent & Family Services boosted their online presence, reached more parents of teens in crisis, and gained more monthly leads through SEO and content marketing strategies from Healthcare Success.

Executive Summary

Muir Wood chose Healthcare Success based on a solid recommendation from Pat D'Amico, their Chief Marketing Officer, and our long-standing reputation as a leading healthcare marketing agency.

Seeking a true partnership, Muir Wood needed an agency that could quickly understand its unique challenges and provide personalized marketing support to address critical growth challenges.

We immediately saw Muir Wood’s growth potential and couldn’t wait to get started.

In partnership with our healthcare marketing agency, Muir Wood transformed its online presence, expanded reach, and substantially increased patient admits from organic search through strategic organic SEO and content marketing efforts. These efforts effectively addressed challenges of low online visibility, suboptimal site traffic, and limited brand awareness beyond local markets.

As a result of our strategic approach and guidance, Muir Wood was no longer hiding in the digital shadows. It was front and center on search engine results pages.

Overcoming Digital Hurdles to Boost Monthly Lead Volume

Client Background

Muir Wood Adolescent and Family Services is a well-established residential treatment program for boys and girls (aged 12-17) dealing with mental health and substance use disorders (SUD).

Recent Developments

They recently added two treatment facilities in Clovis, CA, and three in Riverside, CA, aiming to become a nationally recognized and sought-after leader in adolescent substance use and mental health treatment services.


  • Operating in a highly saturated marketplace.
  • Low online visibility.
  • Limited brand awareness outside local markets.
  • The need to attract a higher volume of leads.


  • Increase organic site traffic.
  • Engage the target audience effectively.
  • Boost site engagement.
  • Expand brand awareness.

The results speak for themselves—our tailored strategies delivered a staggering 133% YoY increase in patient admits from organic search. 

But that’s not all. Here are our other notable statistics:

Total Website Clicks *
Total Google Business Profile Impressions *
Google Business Profile Call Clicks *
Patient Admissions from Organic Search YoY
Lead Volume through Organic Search *
Top Three Keywords SERP Ranking YoY
Organic Clicks YoY
Organic Impressions YoY

* Stats reflect the past six months (Aug. 2023 – Jan. 2024) compared to the previous period (Feb. 2023 – July. 2023).

At the start of our engagement, Muir Wood struggled with low online visibility and limited brand awareness. Despite maintaining patient volume, they wanted to expand their reach, grow nationally, and increase lead volume for their new facilities in Clovis, CA.

“In addition to promoting our new treatment facilities, we wanted to grow beyond the invisible borders of Northern California but lacked the in-house SEO resources to cast that broader net without spending a fortune in paid search. "
- Pat D’Amico, Chief Marketing Officer
  Muir Wood Adolescent & Family Services  

Driving Success With a Personalized Approach

Our Strategy

After a comprehensive review, we identified crucial content gaps and navigational weaknesses in Muir Wood’s website, leading to restructuring, new content, and content differentiation to:

  • Stand out in a crowded marketplace.
  • Meet the needs of its target audience.
  • Support its expanded and targeted service areas more effectively.



To achieve these goals, we implemented a comprehensive strategy involving the following tactics:

Website restructuring
For a better user experience, enhanced site functionality, increased engagement, and credibility among search engines.

Content marketing
To enhance the user experience, engage the target audience, and reduce bounce rates.

Internal linking
For improved page authority and rankings.

Technical SEO
For higher page rankings.

Organic and local SEO
To increase visibility in target markets.

Highlighting Muir Wood’s Remarkable Rise in Organic Performance

Our strategic focus on Muir Wood’s long-term organic growth has yielded impressive outcomes. These results have contributed to enhanced online visibility, competitive edge, extended reach, and a substantial surge in patient admits from organic search.

  • +247% Total Website Clicks*
  • +182% Total Google Business Profile Impressions*
  • +164% Google Business Profile Call Clicks*
  • +133% Patient Admissions from Organic Search YoY
  • +75.5% Lead Volume through Organic Search*
  • +33% Top Three Keywords SERP Ranking YoY
  • +23% Organic Clicks YoY
  • +18% Organic Impressions YoY

*In the past six months (Aug. 2023 – Jan. 2024) compared to the previous period (Feb. 2023 – Jul. 2023).

  • Healthcare Success understood our vision and helped us achieve our goals by restructuring our website, identifying content gaps, and implementing comprehensive organic SEO and content strategies. We are very happy with our results so far and look forward to continued success.
    Pat D’Amico, Chief Marketing Officer
    Muir Wood Adolescent & Family Services

Enhancing Visibility, Engagement, and Growth

Muir Wood has set a new standard in adolescent addiction treatment services through a strategic partnership with Healthcare Success.

As Muir Wood expands its business and impact, the success of our collaboration underscores the importance of addressing challenges, leveraging innovative strategies, and partnering with a healthcare marketing agency that understands your vision.

Today, Muir Wood dominates search rankings for high-value keywords. This improved online presence draws a steady flow of organic leads, positioning their business for sustained growth, higher engagement, and increased lead generation.

Our partnership lays a strong foundation for continued success and business growth.

If you’d like to learn how Healthcare Success can help your healthcare organization reach its business goals, please contact one of our seasoned marketing professionals today.

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