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Discover how SynergenX grew from start-up to acquiring its largest competitor and becoming the nation’s leading provider of testosterone – in just 7 years!

Learn how SynergenX grew from start-up to the nation’s leading TRT provider in 7 years


SynergenX came to Healthcare Success as a start-up with only a few recently opened clinics. We decided it was a mutually good fit for a partnership and developed a comprehensive marketing plan that included branding, traditional advertising, and digital marketing recommendations.

With an unknown brand, a stigmatized product, and a competitive industry, we knew that SynergenX needed a comprehensive marketing program that represented a proprietary offering that was safe, ethical, and customizable.

At the beginning of our partnership, we launched a successful location-focused integrated marketing program, including a consumer-direct website and landing pages, paid search, and traditional advertising, including radio campaigns and sports sponsorships.

Over the years, our collaboration grew as the company expanded. While we handled the marketing, SynergenX brilliantly handled operations and reimbursement issues -- which were equally vital for success. We eventually developed a scalable, data-driven, and trackable marketing program that helped the company scale to 20 locations, which was large enough to acquire its largest competitor and become the nation’s leading provider of testosterone replacement therapy.

While we handled the marketing, SynergenX brilliantly handled operations and reimbursement issues -- which were equally vital for success.

About the Company

A Multi-Location Men’s Health Provider Serving Texas and Illinois

SynergenX offers a unique approach to testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Since opening its first clinic in Texas, the company has honored this approach with variable dosing tailored to the individual.


  • A highly competitive marketplace with little perceived differentiation
  • A lack of consumer trust and stigma attached to testosterone replacement therapy
  • A need to attract both cash and insurance payments


  • “Just get butt in seats!”
  • Shift public perception
  • Increase brand awareness and trust
  • Capture the local market and attract new patient bookings across locations
  • Increase the visibility of testosterone replacement therapy services
  • Achieve a minimal cost per lead
  • Reduce customer acquisition cost for paid search
  • Improve lead generation, cost per lead, and new patient bookings across locations
Our Paid Media Strategy

Optimizing SynergenX’s Paid Media Strategy with Nuance

Healthcare Success introduced a nuanced, data-driven marketing approach tailored around specific offerings and geographical areas.

A Strategic Approach to Paid Search

One of SynergenX’s main goals was to attract and convert new patients for testosterone replacement therapy. Our strategic approach included splitting up search terms into branded and non-branded terms. Then, we split up the non-branded campaigns by market to optimize each market area as needed.

Significant factors to the campaign’s success include:

  • Account restructure
  • Continued improvements to the latest landing page
  • Utilizing smart bidding
  • Extensive negative keyword list
  • High ad strength scores
  • New ad copy
  • New keyword mining/discovery
  • Restructuring keywords/match types
Attract New Audiences, Increase Brand Awareness
and Drive Conversions with Paid Social Media

We elevated SynergenX’s social media marketing to the next level by creating a unified, polished, branded social media presence with curated advertisements.

Major factors to the campaign’s success include:

  • Account restructuring
  • Broke out retargeting vs. prospecting
  • New ad creative rotated into account
  • Updated ad copy to minimize ad fatigue
  • Testing video & static against dynamic
  • Location-based ad campaigns
  • Continual optimization of digital efforts
  • Focused on bringing in more qualified traffic through lookalike audiences and custom audiences

Split testing was also a crucial component in conversion campaign growth. We incorporated different versions of copy, images, creative, and call-to-actions to see what was performing best monthly and utilize that to optimize and grow.

Branding, Website Design and Development

As part of the growth strategy, we developed a solidified brand and new website to gain confidence with the consumer in a competitive market. The mobile-first, SEO-friendly website captured the target audience's attention while educating consumers on the safety and efficacy of SynergenX’s proprietary testosterone replacement therapy.

The Results
Decrease in cost per lead
Increase in leads
Increase in leads from social media
CTR in paid Facebook ads

Healthcare Success helped a start-up grow to become the nation’s leading testosterone provider

Paid Search Results

Establishing this strategic partnership with Healthcare Success has led to significant growth for SynergenX over the last seven years. In the last year alone, the testosterone therapy provider saw a:

  • 87% increase in leads
  • 56% decrease in cost per lead
  • 35% decrease in average cost per click

With Bing Ads launching in October 2020, our strategy turned it into a significant lead supplement to Google, and we were able to dominate the searches in all markets.

SynergenX dominates Bing search results through Healthcare Success paid search efforts.

Paid Social Results

By adding paid social to SynergenX's paid digital mix, we attracted new audiences, increased awareness, and drove up overall conversion volume.

Specifically, we saw a 144% increase in leads YoY and a 58% decrease in cost per lead.

We also saw a 1.58% click-through rate in paid Facebook ads, even though the industry average is 0.83%.

Driving Growth Today and Tomorrow

As a result of our partnership, SynergenX has grown significantly. Today, SynergenX provides comprehensive hormone replacement therapy for men and women, weight loss therapy, and more – across more than 20 clinic locations in Texas and Chicago. Combined with the acquisition of their largest competitor, they are now the leading provider of testosterone in the US.

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