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Driving Self-Pay Patients for a Minimally Invasive Procedure, With Strategic Paid Search and Social Campaigns

Explore how Healthcare Success helped Focal Therapy launch a successful business and achieve a remarkable 83% increase in quarter-over-quarter conversions and slash acquisition costs by 29%, leveraging an effective paid search and social strategy.

Executive Summary

Focal Therapy CEO Brian Lynch recognized the pressing need for a breakthrough strategy to generate self-pay prostate cancer patient inquiries for leading-edge focal therapy in the UK, where most people rely solely on the government-sponsored National Health Service (NHS). After testing a few one-off marketing tactics, he was ready to work with an experienced marketing agency with specialized knowledge in high-performing paid search strategies to reach men researching better treatment options than the status quo.

Focal Therapy contacted Healthcare Success to amplify its key differentiating factors, including non-surgical and minimally invasive treatment alternatives, world-renowned doctors, and enhanced appointment flexibility and availability.

After an initial assessment of their market position, we knew we could deliver the visibility and sustainable growth they needed.

During our partnership, we integrated Focal Therapy’s CRM data into Google Ads to better analyze which ad campaigns delivered inquiries and drove doctor referrals. These insights allowed us to refine and optimize our paid search strategy, increase YoY conversions (from form fills and calls) by 10%, and lower cost per acquisition by 8%.

This strategy also helped keep the cost per conversion at or below $250 (a Focal Therapy business goal), allowing us to expand into different channels, like Facebook Ads.

This story illustrates the importance of strategic and ongoing monitoring, testing, and optimizing of paid search campaigns. It demonstrates how quickly they can boost online visibility in a saturated market, outpace key competitors, and achieve marketing objectives.

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Building Strategic Paid Search Campaigns for Optimal Brand Awareness & Patient Engagement

Client Background

The Focal Therapy Clinic (FTC) is a UK-based clinic offering non-surgical, minimally invasive focal therapies, like HIFU and NanoKnife, for the treatment of prostate cancer. 

Pain Points

FTC struggled with virtually zero brand awareness and underperforming paid search campaigns, negatively impacting its ability to convince patients to consider treatment alternatives beyond what the NHS offers and capture adequate lead volume.

They needed a stronger paid search strategy to drive higher conversion quality and volume, which required a comprehensive competitor analysis, keyword research, bidding strategy, and regular monitoring to engage a broader, high-intent audience, attract more conversions, and boost lead volume.

Building a Structured Approach to Competitive Paid Search Advertising

Our Strategy 

To address our client’s pain points, we implemented and maintained a proactive approach to building, optimizing, and refining a competitive paid search strategy to help them achieve better online visibility and higher conversion rates.


We didn’t dive headlong into creating new whiz-bang messaging for their paid search ads. Instead, we took a data-driven approach, in which one decision informed the next. Here’s what we did:

  • Analysis of active paid search ads
  • Competitor analysis of active paid search ads
  • Keyword research and trend analysis
  • Budget and bidding analysis and strategy

Once we understood our client’s market opportunities and business objectives, we created compelling ad copy for Google Ads, targeting highly relevant keywords to attract more of the patient cases they wanted. 

Over time, we monitored, refined, tested, and optimized new messaging and bidding strategies to keep conversion costs below $250—thus achieving our client’s target acquisition costs.

Initial quarter-over-quarter results saw a 15% increase in clicks and an 18% increase in conversions. Also notable during this time was a 25% decrease in cost per conversion, which allowed us to reallocate the budget and expand into other relevant channels, like Facebook Ads.

Adding Facebook Ads resulted in a staggering 165% YoY increase in paid ad impressions and significant upward movement of inquiries, daily website traffic, and conversions.

Highlighting Focal Therapy’s Notable Achievements in Paid Search and Social

Our strategic focus on Focal Therapy’s paid search and social advertising has yielded impressive outcomes, contributing to enhanced reach and online visibility.

Google Ads

  • 69% Increase in Paid Ad Impressions YoY
  • 13% Decrease in Cost per Conversion*
  • 10 % Increase in Conversions YoY
  • 2% Increase in Paid Ad Clicks*

Facebook Ads

  • 165% Increase in Paid Ad Impressions YoY
  • 83% Increase in Conversions*
  • 32% Increase in Paid Ad Clicks*
  • 29% Decrease in Cost per Conversion*

*Comparing quarter-over-quarter results (Q4 2022 to Q1 2023).

Building Paid Search Advertising Success and Patient Volume Through Iteration and Optimization

Our process experts meticulously reviewed, analyzed, and optimized their messaging, bidding, and keywording strategies to consistently deliver a high volume of quality paid search conversions month-over-month.

These efforts led to additional budget flexibility, allowing us to expand into different channels (e.g., Facebook Ads), integrate their CRM, and launch Google Ads Performance Max while maintaining a healthy monthly lead volume.

  • Using our proven and data-driven paid search strategies, we were able to win more leads with fewer marketing dollars and maintain Focal Therapy’s goal of keeping their cost per conversion to $250 or less. Our ads scaled year over year and consistently yielded higher visibility, reach, and search volume.
    Garrick Gaffney, Director of Digital Media
    Healthcare Success

Exploring the Healthcare Success Difference

Many clients choose Healthcare Success as their true marketing partner, managing all aspects of their integrated marketing strategy to achieve scalable and sustainable results. Others leverage our process expertise to gain a more immediate competitive edge.

If you’d like to learn how Healthcare Success can help your healthcare organization achieve its business goals, please contact one of our skilled marketing executives today.

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