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Creating Podcasts for Healthcare Digital Marketing Success

By Kathy, Senior Marketing Strategist

On air microphonePodcasts enjoy a heritage of online content that can be compelling and engaging. Podcasting is relatively inexpensive, easy to produce and often underutilized in healthcare digital marketing. And when they are done properly, creating online audio podcasts is an effective content connection between you and your audience.

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Podcasts begin with a sense of intimacy, with one-to-one content presented, without distractions, in the mind of the listener. The podcast format delivers a sense of authority, via the voice of the host, or the thought leader.

You’ll learn something while discussing a timely podcast topic. In addition, the comparatively brief podcast format has an appeal to busy individuals who can’t commit to a 60-minute (or longer) webinar.

Effective podcasts for digital healthcare marketing…

Here are a few of the insider tips and techniques for creating successful podcasts:

  • The important concept behind any podcast is that it delivers interesting content. Begin with a timely or important topic. Look for a fresh perspective. Reach out to the leading authority. Focus on the takeaway value; what can you impart to the audience that they can use or share with others.
  • Never neglect the audio quality of a podcast. The best topic and the most distinguished guest will become a bitter memory if the sound quality is poor. You’ll lose the audience, alienate the guest(s), and ding your reputation with a poor quality audio track.
  • Invest in quality microphones, amplifiers, and related equipment that meets your needs. Always record in a quiet environment; no background noises or echoes. None of this needs to be expensive, but a modest investment is well worth creating a professionally sound product.
  • Simple “production value” techniques improve listenability. Add a brief bit of “bumper music” at the beginning and end. Consider having a professional voice introduction and ending. Andedit the raw recording to remove verbal fluffs and audio distractions.
  • Produce two or three podcasts at the same time. Take advantage of the economies of scale in preparing several recorded podcasts. With other podcasts ready and “in the can,” you are working ahead on the planned schedule.
  • Establish a format, stick to it and publish consistently. A typical podcast is about 20 minutes in length. (About 30 minutes of raw recording time with edits, music, etc.) If your recorded material is longer, consider producing a two-podcast series.
  • Present your podcast via SoundCloud or other online service. Post finished podcasts should also to iTunes. Generally, these sharing services are free.
  • Plan your self-promotion. Podcasts require exposure and awareness. Optimize your podcasting efforts to be found online. Encourage social sharing.

Need help? Give us a call first.

Podcasts are cost-effective and easy to produce. If you need some help in getting started, please give us a call today at 800-656-0907.

Kathy Gaughran

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