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Yeah, Size Matters: Impact of Visually-Demanding Graphics

By Stewart Gandolf, Chief Executive Officer

A fundamental element of marketing and advertising tells us that, before you can persuade or convince an audience, it's imperative that you command their attention. And, when you can effectively and instantly grab the viewer/audience by the eyeballs, their curious mind is bound to follow.

It's simply the way that we're wired. The physiology of visual communications says that 93 percent of all human communications is visual, and 90 percent of the information sent to the brain is visual. The brain processes images about 60,000 times faster than text. For marketing's digital messengers, visual images will produce 94 percent more views than text alone.

Taking the super-size concept to the street...

Distinction, differentiation and location bolster visually-demanding graphics. Let us know what you think of these super-size and unusual advertising placements.

bowling lane dental ad

Dental insurance at bowling alley

bullet quick to kill, smoking slow to kill ad

Quick. Slow. Stop Smoking

animated woman's open mouth as rest stop ad on mountain tunnel entrance

Super graphic rest stop ad

elevator door ads promoting male baldness restoration

Elevator doors ad - baldness

small car with a big graphic ad promoting barber shop

Big graphic on a small car

Bus ad placement fail on the back of the bus

Fail - Unfortunate ad placement

Ad of person wearing thick glasses to promote the Ultralight Glasses instead

Ultra thin and light glasses

"Damn it" medication parody

Humor claim - "effective against pain"

Might be legit, but we're not sure how this idea works...

Hilarious colorectal screen newspaper ad

Drive Through. Really?

And, as a touch of enduring, big-size advertising history...

old time hollywoodland sign

1923 Hollywoodland sign

The original Hollywood(land) Sign

The iconic Hollywood sign was created as a real-estate advertisement in 1923, according to history.com. Los Angeles Times publisher Harry Chandler decided to invest in an upscale real-estate development called Hollywoodland, which capitalized on the growing recognition of Hollywood as a movie-industry mecca. But, if you're not that old, look for it above Hollywood in the award-winning movie La La Land.

Please share your super-size ideas, graphics and examples...

Let us know what you think, and send over your own creative examples that break through the clutter and grab audience attention in a big way. We'll publish another collection of good examples in the future.

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