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Three Clever Little Marketing Tricks That Really Work

By Stewart Gandolf, Chief Executive Officer

Goldfish wearing a fake shark finAbout the only big thing that these little marketing maneuvers have in common is that they all boost results. Take them. Use them. These tips come from a collection of “short-but-effective” marketing tricks that professionals will use often (but rarely reveal).

The power of personalization marketing tricks…

One of the least appreciated marketing concepts that can pull professionals off-course is a matter of caring. They lose sight of the fact that patients and customers really don’t care about their range of services, the business model or whatever they want to sell. Patients only care about what is relevant to their problem or needs. What will bring them relief, a solution, or happiness.

To effectively inspire action or response with your marketing or advertising message, make it personal. First, understand how your services benefit the customer. Next, use the person’s name—whenever possible—to connect the solution or benefit directly to the individual. You may be reaching out to hundreds of people, but they are seeing your message one at a time. Touch them personally and individually.

The value-before-favor customer touch…

Psychology and marketing textbooks label this as a “reciprocity” technique. Here’s an illustration of how it pays dividends to provide added value (give something) before you ask a favor (get something). You can easily adapt the big ideas in this Amazon/retail illustration; perhaps to solicit a satisfaction report or physician review.

Hi [personalize; first name],

By now, you should have received [reference a product or service], but if you haven't, let me know right away and I’ll [resolve the issue quickly]. [Satisfaction check and reassurance.]

I also wanted to make sure you got the free eBook [or other premium or incentive] that I promised. I've attached [the ebook] again to this email to make sure you had a chance to get it. [Give something first.]

Anyway, I have a favor to ask you. [Now you can ask.]

The feedback I get from my customers is critical to keeping my business running smoothly and efficiently. It's really important to know about your experience. If you could take a few seconds to give me some quick feedback, I'd really appreciate it.

Even just a few comments would be awesome. To begin, just click through here: [link] 

Thank you so much. I look forward to reading what you have to say.

[signed name]

The big idea is that people are far more likely to respond when they feel reciprocity and want to return a favor. Compose your email, letter or follow-up conversation to include three elements. First, look for or ask about satisfaction assurance. Second, offer something, provide added value or further benefit. And third, ask for input or feedback that is helpful for others.

The sign-on-your-door marketing tip…

This is a simple, and easy to do, idea for retail-based practices or providers. Hang a sign on your front door to direct visitors to the website when the office is closed. Strategically placed signs are highly effective, and a removable sign can welcome off-hour guests to an online solution. By the way, you can also place a sign inside the office as a reminder about the website.

your website sign on the door

Please pardon the glare in this snapshot example, but this creative sign delivers a lot of information for this business. They proudly show the visitor at their doorstep, “everything you need in the palm of your hands” through their Internet address.

  • Smartphone illustration of [your] website
  • Information and instructions
  • Immediate assistance phone number
  • Office hours and other business information

A window sign with a list of business hours is a universal standard. But for most businesses—and healthcare in particular—your website is your digital front door. For some practices—and anyone that’s not “always open,” a sign points to an online resource that delivers help on the spot.

Healthcare marketing is about doing the right things…and it’s about doing them effectively and with experience.

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