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Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Marketing and Advertising that Draw the Patients You Want

Cosmetic surgery success starts with a competitive, proactive marketing plan.

Unlike many other medical specialties, cosmetic surgery is almost an entirely cash-pay, consumer-direct business. Operating on the fringe of the referral system means that a solid, comprehensive plastic surgery marketing plan is mandatory for success. There are only so many cosmetic surgery patients to go around, and your competitors are working hard to capture the market. We can help you grow your practice and stay ahead of your competition.

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Step-by-step, our experts will take your practice to new heights.

At Healthcare Success, we take an evidence-based approach to developing a comprehensive, strategic marketing plan that delivers the results cosmetic surgeons are looking for. Here’s how:

  • Know what works – With more than 20 years of medical marketing experience, our marketing and advertising professionals bring you strong, specific expertise with cosmetic surgery.
  • Have a plan – Your plan needs to be carefully constructed using strategies that are known to get results. At Healthcare Success, we account for every aspect of your practice, including your prior marketing, website, marketplace demographics, competitor marketing, detailed practice evaluation and more.
  • Implement and adhere to the plan – Our strategic cosmetic surgery marketing plan is tailored and highly specific to the needs of your practice, your marketplace, your objectives, etc. We then help you put your plan to work, which includes everything from online advertising and content marketing to staff training to television appearances.
  • Measure the results – Crucial for measuring return-on-investment (ROI), we’ll help you evaluate the efficacy of your SEO marketing and advertising efforts. The heart of our evidence-based marketing system is to test, track and adjust. Cosmetic surgery practices, like any other enterprise dependent on the effectiveness of their marketing messages, must know what is and isn’t working (and why) and make adjustments based on that information.

Considering your individual practice needs is the key to our effectiveness.

While some cosmetic surgeons enjoy little direct competition — particularly in rural markets — most aesthetic surgery practices have multiple competitors. If it’s not another cosmetic surgeon down the road, it’s a different specialty offering alternative, less invasive options. At Healthcare Success, experience has taught us how to solve unique problems faced by individual cosmetic surgeons. And we’re always studying the new developments in your field so we can offer prescient advice.

For example, we may recommend a strategy based on the growing desire to look good on video chat. We know ways to help cosmetic surgeons compete with “lifestyle” lifts and noninvasive/minimally invasive therapies. And we know how to discuss revision surgeries, neuromodulators and fillers, fat grafting and the other details that matter to the highly informed, motivated cosmetic surgery patient.

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What our Healthcare Clients Say
  • We are proud of the success you have generated and will keep on utilizing your resources in all our marketing efforts. Feedback so far is “heard your ad, it was classy, professional and memorable”. That is what you want from an ad! I think also the voice matters — she is not a typical “radio” voice and it all gels together to make a great ad. Other specialists have been impressed with our subtle yet punchy marketing campaign, and there have been quite a few comments stating that the website is professional and really fantastic.
    Sonja Minic, Practice Business Manager
    Integrity Plastic Surgery
  • Thanks to Healthcare Success, I have been able to cut all dependence on third-party reimbursements in my practice. Now I have a 100% fee-based practice in cosmetic surgery, which was my goal when we first met. We achieved that goal within the first year of implementing your marketing approach. Your results-based strategies have enabled me to achieve marketing success that fit my personality and image. I recommend them without reservation.
    Vasdev Rai, MD
  • Healthcare Success helped my wife and I build thriving practices in one of the most competitive marketplaces for cosmetic surgery in the entire country.
    Brian Hass, MD
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