Measuring Success at Mayo Clinic: Quantifying Value for Patient and Organization

"SHSMD" logo [SHSMD14 Speaker Podcast Series] Mayo Clinic’s Katheryn Hawkins, Senior Analyst, and Erin Cole, Business Development Manager, talk with Healthcare Success’ Kylie Ladd regarding their presentation at the 2014 SHSMD Connections meeting. Their topic: New Methods to Identify the Right Relationship and Monitor Performance.

The classic question in healthcare marketing is how to measure success. The further challenge for the 150-year-old Mayo Clinic—with major campuses in Rochester, MN, Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ, and Jacksonville, FL, and dozens of locations in several states—is to identify the right model of organizational relationships and to monitor performance.

Prior to their SHSMD14 presentation, Mayo Clinic Senior Analyst Katheryn Hawkins and Business Development Manager Erin Cole spoke with Kylie Ladd at the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development conference. Part of their solution was to create—and win buy-in for—a scoreboard system to help measure, visualize and analyze performance data.

Katheryn Hawkins and Erin Cole have focused their research and analytics efforts on new ways to look at organizational relationships and how to bring about improvements from a consumer perspective.

The Mayo Clinic Care Network is a network of like-minded organizations that share a common commitment to improving the delivery of health care in their communities through high-quality, data-driven, evidence-based medical care.

The network recognizes that people prefer to get their health care close to home. The main goal of the network is to help people gain the benefits of Mayo Clinic expertise without having to travel out of their area.

The network achieves this goal by developing closer relationships with community medical providers through formal collaboration and information-sharing tools, including:

eConsults. Bring the expertise of a Mayo medical specialist to the local community, without the need for an additional appointment or travel.

AskMayoExpert. A Web-based information system that allows doctors to quickly connect with expert clinical information on hundreds of medical conditions at any hour of the day or night.

Health care consulting. Access to peers, tools and expertise in business processes to help members implement and realize the value of Mayo Clinic’s integrated clinical care and practice models.

Mayo Clinic uses its primary value, mission, and vision as a guide to build a quantitative and qualitative framework for identifying and evaluating formal provider-based relationships in support of building shared value.

This article and podcast are part of Healthcare Success’ continuing education series featuring speakers at the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development, SHSMD CONNECTIONS 2014 conference in San Diego.

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Kylie Ladd Kylie manages the social media presence for several clients, constantly finding new ways to engage with community members and looking out for emerging trends. She has worked for several media companies including NBC Nightly News, Warner Music Group, and Gorkana Group. Kylie graduated from Fordham University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and New Media.



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