Scripps Health: “Big Data” Means Big Opportunities for Healthcare Marketing

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[SHSMD15 Podcast Series] This podcast previews the SHSMD15 presentation of Don Stanziano, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Scripps Health: Empowering a Strong Brand: Scripps Health Integrates CRM into its Marketing Mix.


There’s a new way to integrate digital and traditional healthcare marketing. By using customer relationship management (CRM) tools, healthcare companies are able to use the “big data” available online for precision targeting in both their digital and traditional campaigns.

“What the new CRM systems are allowing us to do is leverage the enormous amount of data on our consumers and target and make the most use of the marketing dollar and get a return on that investment,” said Stanziano.

In the past, large data stores were only helpful to digital campaigns. But by using a CRM platform, companies are now able to apply the troves of online customer data to traditional marketing techniques, thereby optimizing their return. Additionally, while traditional marketing certainly has its place in a healthcare company’s strategy book, digital should form the nexus of all marketing efforts.

“It’s a digital first approach. If the website isn’t there, if the website isn’t ready to receive customers, then we shouldn’t be marketing because all roads should be leading to our website, or a campaign page, or a landing page. We’re not doing offline marketing until we’ve got the online piece wired,” according to Stanziano.

Your company might have to change up the way they’ve done things in the past. But that’s all right. The benefits of integrating your marketing efforts will soon outweigh any inconveniences associated with change.integrating your marketing efforts will soon outweigh any inconveniences associated with change.

“Results will speak for themselves,” said Stanziano.

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