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Reach more potential patients using pay per click

One of the fastest ways to increase your brand awareness and reach more potential clients is through pay per click (PPC) campaigns. PPC for dermatology practices is cost-effective, too, because you can set your advertisements to run in only certain geographic areas as well as parameters for how much you want to spend per click, per day. That way, you won’t be in for any high-cost surprises.

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Why do I need PPC for my dermatology practice?

Have you ever searched for something online? Today’s searches are more specific than they were even a few years ago. People are no longer searching for “skin care doctors;” they’re looking for things like “top rated dermatologist specializing in laser hair removal in Los Angeles, CA.”

When you set up your dermatology PPC campaign, you can target specific locations and keywords—so you’re ads will appear in only the most relevant searches. This will also help improve your conversion rates, which means people will click on your ads and go to a specific landing page on your website. A landing page created by our expert web design agents and content marketing team that has been specifically designed to complement the ad, which encourages them to fill out your lead form.

How does PPC for dermatology work?

Rushing the process or running PPC for a dermatology campaign without a strategic understanding of your goals and how to achieve them can lead to a lot of wasted time, energy and money.

The SEO specialists at Healthcare Success have been building highly effective PPC campaigns for many years. It is our goal to help our clients increase sales and revenue using a combination of on-site SEO marketing tactics as well as pay per click campaigns. We use on-site tactics to help improve organic search rank over time, and PPC for dermatology to help expedite the process—so you can get the exposure you need more quickly.

Here is how we can help you reach sales and revenue goals through effective pay per click ads for your dermatology practice:

  1. Create goals that identify your target audience as well as what they should do once they click on your ad.
  2. Build relevant, tightly themed ads in an easy-to-use, intuitive campaign structure that is easy to monitor.
  3. Maintain ongoing analysis and optimization to ensure you are getting the most benefit out of your daily budget.

Pay per click advertising for dermatology is a fast way to increase your leads, patient list, and sales. Healthcare Success has more than 30 years experience specializing in building cost-effective medical marketing and advertising campaigns that help drive sales and revenue to your business. Call 800-656-0907 to get started with PPC for dermatology today.

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