Marketing Assessment? Yes. Analytics? Yes. (Website Graders…Not So Much)

By Stewart Gandolf, Chief Executive Officer

Red Facebook thumbs up, best choice buttonComputers rely on software. But healthcare marketing is about the user (human) experience, and an accurate assessment shouldn't rely on software alone.

Here’s how to avoid a common pothole, and how to leverage your best available tools.

Software helps manage the complexity of healthcare marketing. The multi-faceted mission for hospitals, group practices and other provider organizations would be nearly unmanageable without digital tools for scheduling, tracking results, assessing cost effectiveness and dozens of other tasks.

In a typical “day at the office” we routinely, and effortlessly, use digital hardware without much thought about the hardworking software that computes, samples, crunches, draws, displays, auto-corrects, etc.

Analytics: Must Have…

Everyone’s basic Internet marketing toolbox requires a systematic analysis of data. Google Analytics provides an excellent perspective of website traffic, traffic sources and other information. The basic services (which are fairly comprehensive) are free, and a premium (fee) level of service available for advanced requirements.

Google Analytics isn’t your only option, but as the most widely used website statistics service, it’s a fundamental recommendation. Click through here for essential articles and instructions:

Website and Marketing Graders: Don’t Over Invest…

There are dozens of “grading” software tools available, many of them are free and somewhat useful. On the plus side (depending on the included bells-and-whistles), this type of software can provide a quick check on website issues related to technical stuff such as coding, title tags, navigation, links, SEO, etc. Other graders can check on content, keywords, social media and mobile.

On the negative side, more than one grader may be needed to see the overall picture, reports can be technically confusing, and some are heavily retail/sales cart oriented.

The potential pitfall with grading tools is the risk of over-reliance on software that lacks a human element. Internal link integrity and SEO values are important considerations, but without an understanding of the overall user experience—and how the website supports broader marketing goals and objectives—a “website grade” is less than half a loaf.

Marketing Assessment: An Absolute Must…

Perhaps the strongest reasons for a confidential healthcare marketing assessment are that it provides:

  • An independent, unbiased, third party critique
  • A real-people perspective on what works (and what doesn’t)
  • Experience-based, and proven recommendations
  • Recognition of competitive influences and marketplace changes
  • Effective and affordable tactics to meet specific goals and objectives

An accurate understanding of overall marketing effectiveness will draw on many things. These include measurable statistics, proper technical details, insight to the (human) user experience, utilizing appropriate strategies and tactics, and measuring specific results and Return-on-Investment.

Software has its advantages and benefits, but real-people perspectives are the essential context for machine data. If you’d like help, let’s talk. Reach out to us for a free assessment. Here’s where to start.  Or call us at (800) 656-0907 now for a free, real-time Internet Marketing Assessment.

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