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Explainer Videos for Healthcare: Popular, Versatile & Effective

By Stewart Gandolf, Chief Executive Officer

doctor holding up an iPad screen displaying medical animationIt’s not clear who coined the label “explainer videos.” But in healthcare marketing, there’s a three-minute visual fastball just about everywhere these days. The term might have become “A/V CliffsNotes,” or “Visual Elevator Pitch,” or “Video Demo.” Regardless of the name, this is a quick communications tool that presents a short-and-sweet informational or educational snapshot.

The familiar brick-and-mortar retail world has been shrinking to the size of a smartphone. Omnipresent wi-fi and broadband have enabled nearly universal online ordering. Retail buyers like having anywhere anytime viewing.

Videos support upwards of 90 percent of viewers with their purchase decision. A video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80 percent. [EyeView] Buyers who see a demo video are much more likely (1.81x) to purchase than non-viewers. [DMB Adobe]

By definition, an explainer video is a compelling, two to three minute informative video clip that captures attention and clearly communicates an important core concept. An explainer may be light and entertaining. The audio/video style is often animated, but it could take the form of live action, whiteboard or some combination.

Chief characteristics of explainer videos for healthcare…

The essential mission of an explainer is…well, to explain. It is a clear and concise story about a single subject, presented in simple, easy to understand and narrowly focused way. The intent is to capture the attention of a specific audience, and to inform, teach, inspire and/or motivate viewers. It is the nature of video (touching both audio and visual senses) to engage viewers more effectively than text alone—and thus a better mental retention.

We especially love the marketing versatility of explainer videos. They fit naturally almost anywhere online, including a home page, topic-specific landing page, on your blog, Facebook and other social platforms. But that’s just the beginning.

Creative video clips can find a meaningful purpose on your YouTube Channel page, included with email information, for public speaking and live-audience presentations, as well as for training, seminars, and the introduction or launch of something new.

The benefits of explainer videos…

Some of the key benefits of strategically placed, high-quality explainer videos include:

Enhances Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Pages prospectively rank higher with increased traffic when utilizing healthcare SEO best practices. And when visitors watch a video they stay on the site longer. “People spend more time (2.6x) on pages with video than without.” [Wistia]

Improves conversion rates – Over 50 percent of “consumers say that watching an explainer product video made them more confident in their online purchase decisions.” [Internet Retailer]

Provides a share-able video nugget – An explainer video is a knowledge gem that’s easy to share via email or social media…and thus increases awareness and grows the audience.

Healthcare often needs explaining – Medical topics, procedures and interactions can be technical and complex. Explainers simplify for greater understanding and acceptance.

Highly cost-effective – At two or three minutes in length, a polished and professional explainer video should have a designated budget for quality work. That said, an explainer will also have a strong Return-on-Investment (ROI). In addition to the designated message and purpose, a video can be used in multiple places over an extended period of time for a solid payback.

An Explainer Video is a versatile marketing and communication tool that presents a single and simple informative message. The impact is to engage the audience, present or explain the core idea, and to inspire the visitor or viewer to act. Creating a high quality and professional animated video often requires creative help. Give us a call today--800-656-0907--and we’ll offer our professional guidance.

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