It’s your reputation, your time, your money…

By Stewart Gandolf
Chief Executive Officer

Shouldn’t you trust your practice marketing to two of America’s top physician marketing and dental marketing experts

Done properly, ethical marketing can grow your profits, attract patients who appreciate and can afford quality care, deliver the high-paying fulfilling cases you want and even enable you to have a life again.

However, the stakes are far higher than simply hiring someone to write an ad or create a brochure for you.

After all, this is your reputation we are talking about. You certainly wouldn’t want to jeopardize it with inappropriate marketing that makes you appear unethical, needy or greedy.

Furthermore, you will also be putting your time and hard-earned money on the line as well. Given the level of competition out there these days, run-of-the-mill marketing is guaranteed to waste both.

Don’t fall victim to “marketing malpractice”

Many doctors understandably find the whole process of finding qualified marketing help to be a nightmare. Everyone they talk to seems nice enough, but no one inspires their confidence or even understands them.

Their concern is warranted: only a tiny percentage of marketers have ever actually marketed more than a handful of private practices. Of those, even fewer have learned what really works in the marketplace. (That’s why there is so much contradictory advice out there.)

Sadly, inexperienced doctors and their marketers do a lot of guessing, and that typically leads to disastrous results ‚ with the doctor footing the bill. You just can’t market a doctor like you can a box of detergent ‚ or a local used car lot.

Happily, however, your marketing doesn’t have to be fraught with such uncertainty and risk. (More about that in a moment.)

It turns out that healthcare practice marketing is a highly unique specialty which requires intimate knowledge of the many relevant issues beyond marketing, including ethics, the medical culture, professional referral patterns, operations, and most importantly, what really motivates prospective patients to act.

Grow your profits and attract all the high-paying cases you want
by following the principles of evidence-based marketing

As in clinical care, once-in-a-lifetime anecdotes about marketing success are useless. You must learn from the outcomes of thousands of private practice marketing campaigns.

If we were to work together, you’d benefit from our years of real-world experience when you implement the following evidence-based methodology:

  1. Learn from the marketing outcomes of thousands of practices before you
  2. Create a diversified marketing plan that incorporates those tactics most likely to
    be successful for you, considering your local geography, specialty and unique attributes
  3. Test whenever possible before committing significant sums of money
  4. Track your results
  5. Roll out “winning” strategies

Everything we do at Healthcare Success is based upon this simple, powerful and amazingly rare model.

It’s how we deliver stellar results where so many others fail.

28 combined years experience consulting for over 3,243 practices

Stewart Gandolf is Vice President of the largest private practice marketing firm in the country. In their roles there they spoke to tens of thousands of doctors and other healthcare practice owners, and privately consulted for over three thousand practices.

They recently formed Healthcare Success to provide higher level, more personalized consulting to private practitioners who are serious about growing their practice profits.

Is Healthcare Success right for you?

If you’ve made it this far, quite possibly.

However, the truth is we aren’t for everybody. For one thing, while our fees are reasonable, people never hire us because we are the cheapest.

Instead, the kinds of practitioners who work with us typically:

  • Are already successful
  • Want to take their practices to the next level.
  • Value their reputations highly
  • Want to enjoy their work
  • Wish for the financial success they deserve

Finally, our clients expect and demand the best. And that is why they hire us.

We invite you to explore our web site and call us with questions.
Our number is 888-679-0050.

Stewart Gandolf
Chief Executive Officer at Healthcare Success
Stewart Gandolf, MBA, is Chief Executive Officer of Healthcare Success, one of the nation's leading healthcare and digital marketing agencies. Over the past 20 years, Stewart has marketed and consulted for over 1,000 healthcare clients, ranging from practices and hospitals to multi-billion dollar corporations. A frequent speaker, Stewart has shared his expertise at over 200 venues nationwide. As an author and expert resource, Stewart has also written for many leading industry publications, including the 21,000 subscriber Healthcare Success Insight blog. Stewart also co-authored, "Cash-Pay Healthcare: Start, Grow & Perfect Your Cash-Pay Healthcare Business." Stewart began his career with leading advertising agencies, including J. Walter Thompson, where he marketed Fortune 500 clients such as Wells Fargo and Bally's Total Fitness.



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