Another Marketing Success Story (Now, Every State But One)

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Blue "Welcome to Kentucky" street signOur Senior Consultant and Training Specialist Lori Ann Waltz just sent over another marketing success story, and you may be able to relate. This time Lori was off to Kentucky (birthplace of Abraham Lincoln). She went there at the request of a specialty practice that may have been one of “the best kept secrets” in the area.

More about that in a minute.

This assigment also set a new milestone in her career. As you may know, Lori travels a lot, and on this trip she excitedly reports: “I just sent you an email from my phone with a picture of Kentucky. I made it to my 49th state last week while working with a client in the Bluegrass State.”

Lori has worked with over 1,000 practices and hospitals in every state in the union except for Kentucky and North Dakota, until now, that is. Make it 49 states. Only North Dakota is missing from her list.

More importantly, she has an even longer list of consulting and training success stories—about practice representative work, telephone/front desk conversions, doctor referral building, staff customer service, to name a few. And she now has another one from her work with this provider in Kentucky. It turns out that this practice–the “secret” in KY–did not have a professional referral stream into the practice and they did not have (until now) a physician liaison person on staff.

Lori’s assignment was to help them establish a professional referral pipeline and to work with the new practice rep. Referrals represent significant revenue to many practices. An untrained practice “turns away” about 10 prospective patients per week. (If the new business value is, for example, $1,000 per patient, that’s about a half-million dollars in lost income per year.)

Lori admonishes everyone, “Train your staff. Hire a practice liaison.” And that’s the assignment that brought her to Kentucky. The results? “After working with the practice representative in the field all day, the office manager called me when I was at the airport. She said, ‘I don’t know what you did out there today, but my phone has been blowing up! We have had six doctors offices call us with new patient appointments.’”

Lori tells us that she would like to complete her travel map—and work with a client in North Dakota—before the end of the year. As a bit more background on this, read our previous post, Training Success Stories: But North Dakota and Kentucky are Missing. And, if you’re in North Dakota, (or anywhere else in the US) you’re welcome to give us a call today.

Lori writes,   “PS: Here’s picture of the plane I took to get there.”

Cape Air airplane

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