Winning Patients with Google Ads Paid Search
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Winning Patients with Google Ads Paid Search


Josh Weum black and white

Josh Weum
Paid Search Analyst

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Garrick Gaffney
Digital Account Supervisor

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Like high-stakes poker, Google Ads Paid Search is a fiercely competitive "game" that is easy to play in theory, but very difficult to win in the real world.

Still, when managed correctly, paid search (a.k.a. pay-per-click, PPC, SEM) is uniquely predictable, scalable, and profitable. Paid search is so powerful, in fact, that it is a foundational digital marketing strategy for most of our clients.

Join Josh Weum (formerly with Google), Garrick Gaffney (head of HS paid digital), and me for a highly informative, fast-paced webinar. You’ll discover

  • What makes both Google and Microsoft paid search uniquely powerful for so many healthcare organizations?
  • How does paid search work, and what are the keys to success?
  • The mistakes that cause most paid search campaigns to fail in today's competitive environment.
  • How to combine Google's artificial intelligence (AI) with human expertise and experience.
  • Which reporting metrics matter?
  • How to find the right agency to manage your campaign(s).
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