What Makes a Healthcare Website Great?
How to get your exceptional new website.
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What Makes a Healthcare Website Great?


Stewart Gandolf

Stewart Gandolf
CEO, Healthcare Success

Brett Maurer black and white

Brett Maurer
Creative Director, Design

When considering a new website, many healthcare leaders often feel a mixture of excitement, fear, overwhelm, and even dread. After all, while a successful website can build your brand and business, a mistake can be both disastrous and expensive.

Join Healthcare Success’ Stewart Gandolf, and Brett Maurer as they share best practices of acquiring your new website. When you attend you’ll discover:

  • What to look for when considering a new website
  • How to objectively critique the website you already have?
  • How to determine an appropriate website budget?
  • What are the common mistakes you must avoid?
  • How to ensure security and regulatory compliance.
  • What is the process for a successful website, from conception to launch?
  • How to choose your website agency?

This is a free webinar. You may watch it live or view the recording.

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