What Are Today's Healthcare Consumers Thinking?
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What Are Today's Healthcare Consumers Thinking?


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Rob Klein
CEO, Klein & Partners
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Stewart Gandolf

Stewart Gandolf
CEO, Healthcare Success
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Welcome to the alternate universe of today's healthcare consumer!

Join Rob Klein and me as we share insights from Klein & Partners' recent National Consumer Insights Study. When you attend, you'll discover:

  • How COVID-brain (yes, it's real) impacts consumers' cognitive processing, affecting memory, attention span, patience, and brand linkage.
  • How should healthcare marketers communicate with this new distracted consumer?
  • How much (or little) do consumers trust healthcare providers?
  • How vital are US News & World Report rankings?
  • Where in the primary care journey do consumers start getting disappointed?
  • How do you meet the troubled bookend children? (We'll leave you guessing on that one.)

Please register now to prepare for our new world order!

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